SMS Marketing for Ecommerce: Increase Revenue, Average Order Value, and Conversion Rates With Ecommerce SMS

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Let’s face it – the ecommerce market is getting more saturated daily. If you want your store to stand out and grow month after month, you need to rethink your marketing approach. And when we say grow, we mean increasing every important metric – conversions, average order value, revenue, and profit. 

If you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s time to diversify the channels you use for marketing your ecommerce store. 

That’s easier said than done. But with SMS marketing for ecommerce, it’s certainly possible to stand out and achieve this kind of growth. No matter how saturated the market is, you can still sell more. And we’ll teach you how to do it with ecommerce SMS marketing.

What is SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

SMS marketing for ecommerce is a widely popular way to engage with your audience and convert them into customers only for a portion of the price you pay for other channels. Ecommerce SMS costs less than $0,01, and you reach your audience instantly, directly on their phones. 

People can’t resist opening a text once they receive it. And your ecommerce store can use this fact to engage & convert bystanders into customers. 

SMS marketing for ecommerce can be both transactional and promotional. No matter your choice, you’ll undoubtedly get lots of happy customers for your store, increase brand loyalty and stay on top of minds. Promotional SMS for ecommerce is great for conversions, sales, and increasing your revenue. 

While transactional SMS for ecommerce is there to make your customers choose you repeatedly by providing exceptional customer service.

Use ecommerce SMS marketing to communicate effectively with your audience, and don’t worry about your efforts going to waste. Because with ecommerce SMS, you can be sure that your customers will actually read what you sent them.  

Benefits of Ecommerce SMS Marketing

Ecommerce SMS marketing has a lot to offer. The question is, are you ready to enjoy its benefits? Take a look at some of them and see for yourself why you shouldn’t sleep on SMS marketing for ecommerce. 

  • Enjoy up to a 45% conversion rate.

Depending on their campaigns, ecommerce stores reported up to a 45% conversion rate with SMS marketing. As a marketer, you know that a 1-2% conversion rate is great, but ecommerce SMS marketing can offer you much more. 

  • Instant delivery.

Not only will your customers read the SMS approximately 3 minutes after receiving it, but it’s delivered directly to their inbox exactly when you want it to. Without delays, reach thousands of your potential customers instantly. 

  • Direct 1-on-1 marketing approach. 

SMS marketing for ecommerce is more direct and offers you a 1-on-1 marketing approach. People text with their friends and family, making your SMS campaigns a perfect way to create a strong relationship between your brand and customers. 

  • Personalized relationship with your customers.

Everyone knows that personalization is priceless in marketing. Ecommerce SMS marketing lets you personalize every interaction with your audience and engage in a way that builds brand loyalty. 

What if we told you that you could not only text your customers, but they could also text you back? Two way SMS marketing for ecommerce is perfect for interacting with your audience and engaging with them. They can respond, ask for additional information, and get it right away when you set up trigger keywords.

  • 98% open rate.

People can have thousands of unread emails, but texts? No one ever. If you want a 100% open rate, ecommerce SMS marketing is the perfect channel. 

  • 20% average click-through rate.

Ecommerce stores like yours say their average SMS click-through rate is 20%. If you want to ensure that most of your subscribers click on the link you’ve sent, it’s time to get started with SMS marketing for ecommerce stores

  • Increase average order value.

Go beyond conversion rate. Increase your average order value with ecommerce SMS. Persuade your SMS subscribers to spend more with promotional SMS that offers exclusive discounts and promo codes. 

  • Increase customer lifetime value.

SMS subscribers are your most loyal audience. If they’ve subscribed to your SMS list, chances are they won’t buy from you only once. Use your SMS list wisely and reward subscribers for their loyalty with special offers.

  • Recovering abandoned carts has never been easier.

How many times have you sent a newsletter to people who abandoned their carts? You may have had a small percentage of people who completed their order. Still, with ecommerce SMS marketing, that number will be much higher.

A graphic illustration of ecommerce store. Increase your sales with ecommerce SMS.

The Best Types of SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Not every type of SMS marketing is created equal. What works best for ecommerce SMS marketing?

Promotional SMS is the way to go if you want more sales fast. Send ecommerce SMS to your customers and let them know about deals, special offers, and great discounts.

If you want to ensure your audience redeems coupons, SMS coupon marketing for ecommerce is the way to go. You can be 100% sure they’ll see your message, which will take them one step closer to becoming customers.

You don’t need expensive and complex solutions to build your loyalty program. With SMS marketing for ecommerce, you will make your customers feel special and build brand loyalty. Turn your SMS subscribers into raving fans of your brand by offering them a chance to become members of your SMS loyalty program.

While SMS marketing for ecommerce is great for directly increasing your sales, it also does a fantastic job of offering exceptional customer experience, building brand loyalty, and consequently increasing your revenue. Ask your customers for feedback and give them important updates about their orders with transactional ecommerce SMS.

7 Proven Tips & Tricks for Ecommerce SMS Marketing

It’s not enough to do ecommerce SMS marketing; you’ve got to do it right! Here are seven proven tips for ecommere SMS marketing:

  1. If you ship to multiple countries, choose an international SMS platform.

Suppose your brand is global, and your customers live all around the world. In that case, international SMS marketing for ecommerce is the way to go. Some SMS marketing providers are limited only to the US and Canada. It would be best to choose a provider that offers international SMS and interrupted delivery worldwide.

  1. Grow your SMS list.

It’s not a matter of whether or not you should grow your SMS list. The question is how? Since 59,08% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, having SMS subscribers is a no-brainer. 

You can collect marketing phone numbers by including a signup form on your website, as a popup, or at the checkout. It is also wise to offer your audience on another channel a chance to subscribe to your SMS list with the right incentive. Make your offer exclusive, and you’ll see SMS subscribers pouring in immediately!

  1. Set SMS Marketing KPIs.

What does growth look like for you? For some ecommerce stores, it can be selling 100 products weekly, while for others, it can be selling thousands of products daily. Setting SMS marketing KPIs before you start with ecommerce SMS is crucial. 

Your KPIs can be lower cost per subscriber and increasing average order value. But measuring conversion rate, click-through rate, and delivery rate can also be significant. It all depends on your goals!

  1. Segment your audience.

Different people have different preferences. Gen Z rolls their eyes at the things millennials find hilarious. Appeal to all of your customers by segmenting audiences based on their features, preferences, and demographics. 

  1. Use punchy CTAs.

Make every character count by using actionable words and punchy calls to action in every ecommerce SMS. 

  1. Offer exclusive value with every SMS.

If you want people to sign up for your SMS list, you need to offer them something valuable they can’t get anywhere else. Whether it’s a special SMS loyalty program discount, exclusive promo codes, or letting them know first about a new product launch – it’s up to you. But remember to make it worthwhile!

  1. Analyze performance with SMS marketing analytics.

Calculate SMS marketing conversion rates, list growth rates, engagement rates, and everything else with SMS marketing analytics. It’s crucial to understand how well your ecommerce SMS is performing and how you can grow even faster. Analyzing your performance lets you know exactly what needs to be optimized and what works well. If you’re worried about attribution, don’t be! You can always set up tracking SMS campaigns in Google Analytics with UTM codes.

SMS Templates for Ecommerce

Let’s show you SMS templates for ecommerce you can use right away to boost your sales.

  • Promotional SMS templates for ecommerce

“Hey [Name], how does a 20% discount and a free shipping sound like? Because if you place an order in the next 48hrs that’s what you’ll get!

  • Transactional SMS templates for ecommerce

“Hey [Name], your order is on its way! Expect delivery in 2-5 business days. Thanks for shopping with us!”

Get Started With SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Emitto offers SMS service for ecommerce stores with top-notch customer support and delivery to more than 160 countries

Built for marketers, Emitto is extremely simple, user-friendly, and requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. Track every important metric with powerful built-in analytics, grow your SMS list, and start sending ecommerce SMS right away.

Our SMS platform is so simple a toddler could use it, but if you get stuck, our friendly staff will be at your disposal 24/7. 

You need only 5 minutes to get started with SMS marketing for ecommerce, and increase your revenue, average order value, and profit. 

Happy SMSing!

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