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Marketing is getting trickier day by day. Customers have higher expectations from brands; they need strong relationships before they buy, and trust is the number 1 thing that makes brands stand out. Buying power is not in the hands of businesses anymore because customers have overtaken it. People want to avoid getting sold to. Instead, they want to buy from companies they love.

Suppose we have to pick one key factor influencing customers’ buying decisions around the globe – it’s trust. Trust that your brand shares the same values, truthful representation, and authentic communication across all channels. 

If your brand doesn’t evoke trust in customers, chances are you’re going to struggle with growth & sales. Transactional SMS is one simple yet powerful way to build trust and continuously grow your brand. Ready to learn how?

What Is Transactional SMS?

Globally, people average 6 hours and 58 minutes of screen time daily. Phones have become central in our lives. We text, we shop, we scroll. It’s vital for businesses like yours to take advantage and grab the attention of your audience on a channel they spend the most time on – their phones. 

Transactional SMS is a tool that brands like yours can capitalize on by sending important information to your customers and making sure they receive it. There is little to no chance they’ll miss transactional text messages. The average person reads the SMS three minutes after receiving it. 

Have something important to share? Ditch the email because transactional SMS is where the party is. From important announcements to order confirmation, transactional text messages will soon become your favorite tool to stay in touch with your customers. 

Compared to promotional SMS, transactional messages aren’t marketing in nature. But when done right, it increases brand loyalty, customer lifetime value, and revenue in the long run. And all these metrics are vital to your business. It’s time to focus on customers!

The Advantages of Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is a powerful tool to help you reach more customers, increase customer lifetime value, and boost your revenue. Let’s explore the advantages of transactional SMS you can expect once you try it. 

  • Increase brand loyalty.
  • Make sure your customers receive important information.
  • Offer exceptional customer experience.
  • Transactional SMS is cost-effective.
  • Email is a commodity and gets lost in the noise, while transactional SMS shows genuine appreciation to your customers.
  • Transactional text messages are fast.
  • Personalized approach. Take personalization to the next level.
  • Everyone uses and checks their phones throughout the whole day. 

In conclusion, transactional SMS is a powerful tool for businesses looking to strengthen their brand, offer exceptional customer service and build a base of loyal customers. 

Illustration of a customer service representative. Leverage transactional SMS to offer exceptional customer service.

The Difference Between Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS

The main difference between transactional SMS and promotional SMS lies in their nature. Transactional SMS are there to nurture your customers, make them feel appreciated, and share important information without selling anything. You can’t measure their impact immediately, but in the long run, you’ll see an increase in repeating customers and their lifetime value.

Promotional SMS is all about marketing. You want to cut through the noise and reach potential customers on channels that aren’t overcrowded. Promotional texts are perfect for marketing your new products, running profitable campaigns, and offering special deals to your customers. You’ll increase sales and see an immediate boost to your revenue.

How to Send Transactional SMS?

To send transactional SMS to customers, you must have the customer’s permission to do so. You will also need to have the customer’s phone number and a platform or service that allows you to send transactional text messages. Additionally, you will need to have a strategy for how you will use transactional SMS to reach your customers and what type of content you will send.

Most transactional SMS providers, such as Emitto, offer you to set up trigger events that will start the automated process of sending SMS. You can customize it, add personal details such as the first name, and send texts with your sender ID. With the right transactional SMS provider, you can automate everything and lower the workload of your employees.

Transactional SMS Use Cases

Get inspiration from transactional SMS use cases that successful businesses like yours use to communicate with their customers. 

Booking Confirmation

Make sure your visitors receive a timely and accurate booking confirmation. Automate transactional SMS and let visitors know that their booking was successful. Take it to the next level by sending a follow-up text and asking them for feedback after their visit. 

Appointment Scheduling

Use transactional SMS to schedule appointments easily in these five steps:

  1. Ensure that your customers have opted in to receive transactional SMS from your company.
  2. Take it to another level by sending appointment reminders via transactional SMS. This will drastically decrease the number of people not showing up.
  3. Use transactional SMS to follow up after appointments and ask customers for feedback about their visit.
  4. Combine transactional SMS with promotional SMS and offer them special discounts when they book their next appointment. You can even create an SMS loyalty program.
  5. Utilize keywords. Set up keywords for customers to text when they’re ready for the next appointment. They can easily schedule it, while you can enjoy the power of automation.
Shipping Updates

Your customers should always know what’s happening with their orders. Tell them when they can expect delivery, send tracking information, and inform them about any problems. Make sure they actually receive it by sending transactional SMS instead of emails that may go unnoticed or end up in spam. 

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One-Time Passwords or Security Codes

Transactional SMS is one of the best ways to send one-time passwords or security codes. If the user forgets their password, they can quickly recover it via transactional text messages. It’s also great for two-factor authentication. 

Customer Support, Such as Ticket Updates

Always keep your customers in the loop about what’s happening with their tickets. Send ticket updates with transactional text messages and, build trust, remove the barriers in communication with a streamlined and automated process.


There is no better way to send alerts than transactional SMS. Your audience will receive them instantly, which is especially important regarding alerts. You can also use transactional text messages to send alerts about changes in customer service or support policies. By leveraging the power of transactional SMS, your business can ensure that customers are always kept up-to-date. 

Other Important Information, Such as Billing & Payments

Transactional SMS is a great way to send billing and payment information. Use transactional text messages to notify customers when their payment has been received and when payments are due. You can also use them to remind customers of upcoming payment deadlines and to provide updates on changes to their account balances.

Transactional SMS Examples

Let’s cut the theory and explore the best transactional SMS examples!

Order information transactional SMS example:

Hey [Name], your order has been successfully placed and will be processed shortly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for shopping with us!

Appointment reminder transactional SMS example:

Hey [Name], this is a reminder that you have an appointment scheduled for [date] at [time]. Please let us know if you need to adjust or cancel this appointment. Thank you!

Shipping updates example SMS:

Hey [Name], your order has been shipped! Here is your tracking information [tracking number]. Thank you for shopping with us!

Booking confirmation text message example:

We have successfully placed your order and would like to confirm your reservation. We will contact you to finalize your order and confirm your payment information. Thank you!

Send Transactional SMS with Emitto

Emitto helps you reach your customers instantly, wherever they are. With delivery to more than 160 countries, cost estimate, and branded sender ID, you’ll be able to improve brand loyalty with transactional SMS in no time. 

Your customers deserve the best, and you can offer them exceptional customer service and always keep them up-to-date with crucial information. Forget worrying about your important emails going to spam because that’s just not happening with transactional text messages.

The best thing? We can help you get phone numbers fast for the best price on the market. With global support and all languages, every single of your customers will know how deeply you care about them. 

Have something important to say? Say it with transactional SMS.

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