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The Key to Safe Patient-Provider Communication

Emitto helps you send lab results quicker, save administrative time and reduce no-shows.

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68% of women attended breast screening exams if they were sent a text reminder three days before in parallel to a physical letter.

38% of clinical trials will be remote by 2025.

Sending reminders reduces no-shows up to 15%.

Your Communication
Is Safe With Us

Emitto is fully GDPR, CCPA & HIPAA Compliant. We make sure your information is 100% safe and secured.

Quick Information
Saves Lives.

Instantly send urgent messages to patients or staff members. Time is crucial!

Make the Communication
Safe & Secure.

Emitto is all about data privacy and security. All you data is safe with us.

Customer Care.

Talk to your patients like you would in person. Make sure they are always informed, updated & safe.

Emitto Works Great for

Hospitals &
Medical Services

Chiropractors, Pediatricians,
Cardiologists etc.

Dentists &

How Can Emitto Help You
Boost Your Healthcare Services?

Reduce No-Shows and Missed Appointments

Send schedule confirmations & appointment confirmations via any messaging app your patients are using.

Effective Home-Treated Patient Communication

Check in on home-treated patients by sending them
reminders to take medication, general updates
and tips on healthy lifestyle.

Centralized Internal Communication

Reach an entire employee base simultaneously -
send shift reminders, quickly fill absentee shifts,
or any other urgent alerts & updates.

Send Test Results

Make sure your patients get their test results
as quick as possible and schedule a follow-up
appointment right away.

Your patients and staff are a few clicks away with Emitto

Automate Your Responses

With The Emitto Trigger Response feature, you can automatically reply to common queries and requests for information.

Easily Set Up Trigger Words to Automate Your Two-Way Communication

Send your doctor’s name to get all free slots in their schedule or use a trigger word “COVID” to get an emergency information.

You can create as many trigger words as you want and make the conversation with your customer quick and efficient.

US, Canada, Australia & 50+ countries worldwide

What’s the Best Plan to Start With?

No matter the size of your business, Emitto has got you covered. Transparency first - no hidden fees.

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Web Push for Healthcare

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