SMS Segmentation: Benefits, Best Practices & More

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Wanna level up your SMS marketing game and take your personalization to the next level? Then SMS segmentation is just the thing you need!

If you are tired of sending generic text messages to your entire SMS list and seeing lackluster results, it’s time to shake things up and start segmenting your SMS list!

SMS segmentation is a game-changer for businesses looking to take their text message marketing to the next level. It allows you to target specific groups within your list with personalized messages that speak directly to their interests and needs.

But what exactly is SMS segmentation, and how can you get started? In this blog post, we’ll break down the basics of SMS list segmentation, its benefits, and practical tips to help you implement it into your SMS marketing strategy. Get ready to supercharge your SMS marketing and connect with your audience on a deeper level!

What Is SMS Segmentation?

Basically, SMS list segmentation is a way to divide your subscriber list into smaller, more targeted groups based on specific characteristics. This helps you send more personalized and relevant messages to your subscribers, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Think about it: would you rather receive a text message that’s tailored to your interests and needs or a generic message that doesn’t really speak to you? By segmenting your SMS list, you can send targeted messages to different groups based on their demographics, behaviors, preferences, and more.

For example, let’s say you run an online clothing store. You can segment your list based on customers who have previously made a purchase, customers who have abandoned their cart, and customers who have shown interest in a specific type of clothing. This allows you to send tailored messages to each group – such as a discount code to entice abandoned cart customers to complete their purchase or a new collection launch to customers interested in a specific type of clothing.

Overall, SMS list segmentation is a powerful tool to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and drive more conversions.

Benefits of SMS Segmentation

Benefits of SMS segmentation overview: 

  • Send more targeted and relevant messages to subscribers.
  • Increase engagement and conversions by tailoring messages to specific segments.
  • Saves time and resources by avoiding sending messages to subscribers who are unlikely to be interested.
  • Provides valuable insights into subscriber behavior and preferences.
  • Improves the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Build stronger relationships with subscribers by sending more personalized messages.
  • Drive more engagement and conversions by sending messages that resonate with subscribers on a deeper level.
  • Improves overall campaign performance by increasing open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics.
  • It helps you stay relevant and up-to-date by adapting your messaging to the evolving needs and preferences of your subscribers.
  • Upsell to existing customers.
  • Engage dormant subscribers.

Overall, SMS segmentation is a powerful tool that helps your business improve the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns and connect with subscribers on a deeper level. By taking the time to segment your list and send more personalized messages, you will build stronger relationships with your audience and drive more engagement and conversions.

How to Segment Your SMS List

Let’s dive straight into how you can segment your SMS list.

First up, demographics! You can group subscribers based on 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Occupation

This can help you send targeted messages to different groups that have specific needs and interests. For example, a clothing store may send different promotions to its male and female subscribers or offer location-based deals to subscribers in certain areas.

Next, let’s talk about behavior. By segmenting based on behavior, you can send messages to subscribers who have already shown interest in specific products or services. For example, if a subscriber has abandoned their cart, you can send a message with a discount code to encourage them to complete their purchase. Or, if a subscriber has previously made a purchase, send them exclusive offers or rewards to keep them coming back. 

Behavior SMS segmenting ideas: 

  • Customers/non-customers
  • Engagement level
  • Intent level
  • Loyalty level
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Preferences are also an important factor in segmentation. Subscribers have different preferences when it comes to the type of content they receive, how often they receive it, and even the time of day they prefer to receive it. By taking these preferences into account, you will tailor messages to each subscriber’s individual needs and avoid sending messages that might be perceived as spam.

You can also segment your list based on specific campaigns or promotions you’re running. For example, if you’re promoting a new product or service, send messages to subscribers who have previously shown interest in similar products or services. This can help maximize the effectiveness of the campaign and drive more conversions right away!

Engage Dormant Subscribers

SMS list segmentation can be an effective way to engage dormant subscribers and bring them back into the fold.

One way to do this is by creating a segment specifically for dormant subscribers and sending them targeted messages designed to encourage re-engagement. These messages could include special offers or promotions, personalized recommendations based on their previous interactions with your business, or reminders of why they signed up for your SMS list in the first place.

Another approach is to segment your list based on the specific reasons why subscribers have become dormant. For example, if a subscriber hasn’t engaged with your SMS messages in a while, you could send them a message asking if they still want to receive messages from you and providing them with options to update their preferences or opt out if they prefer.

You could also segment your list based on subscribers’ past purchase history or interactions with your business and send them targeted messages designed to re-engage them based on those past behaviors.


Upselling to current customers using SMS segmentation can be a highly effective strategy for increasing revenue and customer lifetime value. Here are some steps businesses can take to upsell using SMS list segmentation:

Segment customers based on their purchase history: By analyzing customers’ past purchase history, you can segment your list to identify those who are most likely to be interested in related products or services. For example, if a customer has purchased a particular type of product in the past, they may be interested in a complementary product or an upgraded version of what they already have.

Create targeted messages: Once you have identified customers who are good candidates for upselling, you can create targeted messages that highlight the benefits of the product or service you are offering. Use language that is persuasive and highlights the value proposition of the upsell.

Offer incentives: To further encourage customers to make a purchase, offer incentives such as discounts, free shipping, or other special offers. Include these in the SMS message or offer them as a unique promo code.

Follow up: After sending the initial message, follow up with customers who have shown interest in the upsell. This could be in the form of a reminder message or a personalized offer that is only available for a limited time.

Monitor and analyze results: Keep track of how many customers respond to your upsell messages and how many actually make a purchase. Use this data to adjust your approach over time and continually improve your upselling strategy.

Overall, there are many different ways you can do SMS segmentation to send more targeted, personalized messages to your subscribers. By taking the time to understand their subscribers’ needs and preferences, you will build stronger relationships and drive more engagement with SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Segmentation Best Practices

It’s about time we talk about SMS segmentation best practices! 

First and foremost, it’s important to gather as much information as possible about your subscribers to help you segment them effectively. You can do this by asking them to provide information when they sign up for your SMS list or by tracking their behaviors and preferences over time.

When it comes to actually segmenting your list, it’s important to keep things simple and avoid over-segmenting. You don’t want to end up with too many small segments that are difficult to manage and send messages to effectively. Instead, focus on creating broad segments based on the most important characteristics of your subscribers.

It’s also important to keep your messaging consistent across all segments. While your messages may be tailored to each segment’s specific needs and interests, they should still reflect your brand’s voice and tone.

Another best practice is to regularly review and update your segments to ensure they remain relevant and effective. As your business and subscriber base evolve over time, you may need to adjust your segments to reflect these changes.

Finally, always respect your subscribers’ preferences and privacy. Make it easy for them to opt out of your SMS list if they no longer wish to receive messages, and be transparent about how their data is being used.

By following these best practices, you can create effective SMS list segments that help you connect with your subscribers on a deeper level and drive more engagement with your SMS marketing campaigns.

Level up SMS Segmentation with Emitto

SMS segmentation is definitely a powerful tool that you can use to create more effective and targeted SMS marketing campaigns. By segmenting your list based on demographics, behavior, preferences, and campaign-specific factors, you can send messages that truly resonate with your subscribers and drive more engagement and conversions.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly and effective SMS marketing platform to help you segment your list and create engaging campaigns, give Emitto a try. With its powerful segmentation tools, automation features, and robust analytics, Emitto makes it easy to connect with your subscribers and drive results.

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But that’s not all! Emitto is also incredibly user-friendly, with a clean, intuitive interface that makes SMS marketing a breeze. Plus, with 24/7 dedicated customer support, you’ll never be left in the dark. Whether you need help with a technical issue or want to learn more about SMS marketing best practices, Emitto has got you covered.

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So why wait? Check out Emitto’s white label SMS platform today and start taking your SMS marketing efforts to the next level! With Emitto, you’ll be able to offer your clients a powerful, effective, and profitable SMS marketing solution, all while making your life easier in the process. Trust us; you won’t regret it!

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