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Viber Marketing 101: Best Practices

Viber messaging marketing
4 best practices for Viber marketing campaigns that will make you skyrocket your sales during the “Love” season. From gamification to chatbots, these trends will empower and energize your Viber strategy and prepare it for what is coming in 2022.

3 Reasons Customers Prefer Texting Over Calling

The customers want to have a voice when it comes to getting in touch with your brand. So, stop wasting your time and give Emitto the chance to boost your sales and enhance your brand and you’ll be sure to see happier customers!

What Is Bulk Texting and Why Do You Need It?

Bulk Text Marketing is a crucial ingredient for any successful marketing campaign. This is mainly due to the fact that 98% of messages are opened within the first three minutes of delivery. According to Search Engine Journal, bulk texting has a 40% higher conversion rate than traditional digital marketing channels
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