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61% of consumers
say that SMS notifications help them receive deliveries otherwise missed.

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More than 50% of customers
prefer SMS messages for customer support over phone calls.

99% of all text messages
are opened within the first five minutes of delivery.

Global Coverage

Reach your customers in 180+ countries around the world.

Go Global with Emitto

Reliable routes make sure your customers are reached across the globe, regardless of their location.

Cost-effective pricing

Send super affordable bulk campaigns for as low as 0.001$ per message

Keep Your Customers
Always Up-to-Date.

Make sure your customers always
know where's their package.

Communicate on the Go

Easily send SMS notifications and alerts if you need to make a last-minute change in your shipment or there’s a sudden shift in your delivery time.

Reduce Human Error

When sensitive information is sent via text message, human errors can be avoided almost completely. Crucial information can get lost in translation with calling, so texting is clearly the better way to go.

Emitto Works Great for

Freight Logistics

Delivery Services

Moving Services

Taxi Services

How Can Emitto Help You Boost Your Logistics Services?

Keep Your Customers Up to Date with Their Orders

Providing confirmations,
tracking updates & delivery notifications
to your customer’s personal device.

Prepare Rosters, Dispatch Drivers, Schedule Routes

Send out roster to all your employees
so everyone will know when and how to handle the tasks.
Always be in touch with your drivers and know their status.

Improve Efficiency

Notify warehouses of deliveries,
prepare for delays, update Pick-Up Schedules

Invoice Reminders or Late Payment Alerts

Boost your ratings on the review platforms
such is TripAdvisor by sending a message
right after customers’ check out.

Delivery & Service Feedbacks

Easily create surveys and get feedback
about the quality of your service and deliveries.

Let Your Customers Know Everything About Their Package at All Times With Emitto.

Smart Guest Contact Management

With Emitto you will have all the guest contacts in one place categorized and well organized.

Tags & Segmentation

Easily filter your contacts by any type of clients, for example: new/regular clients, or by any special services and requirements.

Easy bulk import

Import up to 100k contacts within seconds.

What’s the Best Plan to Start With?

No matter the size of your business, Emitto has got you covered. Transparency first - no hidden fees.

Recommended Channels

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SMS for
Transportation & Logistics

Everyone with a phone has SMS. Take advantage of it right now!

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Viber for
Transportation & Logistics

Most cost-effective way to talk to your customers directly.

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web push

Browser Push for
Transportation & Logistics

Reach your customers even when they are not on your website.

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