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Supercharge Your Sales and Automate Customer Communication

Always be in touch with your customers - From the landing page to the purchase.

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Take advantage of the best performing channels & take your engagement to he next level.

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65% of all ecommerce website traffic

is from mobile devices

Online shopping

increased to a record level in January 2021 reaching 35.2% compared to 29.6% in December 2020.

It's 5x easier

to sell to an existing customer.

Dramatically Improve Return on Ad Spend

Use the most efficient channels there are.

Increase conversion rates 10X and average order values by 75% using direct communication channels. No more expensive, inefficient ads. This way we help you save time and money.

Use FOMO to Sell More

Send time-sensitive deals while
they are still fresh.

Your messages are delivered instantly using highly reliable Emitto routes. Time is money!

Rich Media Messages That Sell

Increase conversions by highlighting your Offer & Catalogues with Flash images and visuals.

Get 80% better CTRs with interactive messages that grab attention easily.

How to
Boost Ecommerce Sales & Drive Traffic?

Launch Exclusive Promos & Giveaways

Share special offers or time-sensitive deals
(Black Friday, Cyber Monday).

Deliver Order & Shipping Notifications

Send package tracking numbers and let your customers know the status of their package and estimated date of delivery.

Lower Cart Abandonment

Make sure that every item in the cart gets purchased.
Send reminders or promo codes to incentivize the shopper.

Cart abandonment
Get Instant Feedback

Easily create surveys and get feedback from your customers, and always know how to improve your service or product.

Limited time offer, loyalty programs, customer survey, cart abandonment

Start Selling More With Emitto Now

Automate Your Responses

With The Emitto Trigger Response feature, you can automatically reply to common queries and requests for information.

Easily Set Up Trigger Words to Automate Your Two-Way Communication

Set a trigger word "PROMO" to automatically send the list of the latest products on sale. It's that easy!

You can create as many trigger words as you want and make the conversation with your customer quick and efficient.

US, Canada, Australia & 50+ countries worldwide

Cooming soon

One-click Integration

Using Zapier & Direct Integrations, Everyone Can Integrate Their Favorite Apps, in Seconds

Connect with more than 3,000 apps
Stick with the tools that work for you
Automate processes & eliminate manual tasks
web push

Browser Push

Comes with every Emitto Plan. Set up Web Push on your website within minute using Emitto WordPress Plugin

25% more visitors

are brought to websites with Web Push.

5% Sign Up Rate

Grow your Web Push subscriber database 2x the speed of email newsletter.

85% of Online Stores

use Web Push notifications in their business.

Free & Effortless Setup

Ready-to-go modern looking Emitto Web Push pop-ups optimized for the best results.

Unlimited Subscribers

Turn every visitor into your subscriber with no limitations to the number of your subscribers.

Support for All Browsers

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge support.

Keep Your Visitors Engaged

even when they are not on your website

Ecommerce Stores

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Learn How SMS Marketing Can Help
Grow Your Hotel or Hospitality Business

Yes, guests want to text a hotel. Discover how hotels and
hospitality businesses can use SMS software to increase
reservations and provide five-star customer

Recommended Channels

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SMS for Ecommerce

Everyone with a phone has SMS. Take advantage of it right now!

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Viber for Ecommerce

Most cost-effective way to talk to your customers directly.

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web push

Browser Push for Ecommerce

Reach your customers even when they are not on your website.

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