Viber for Business

The most cost-effective way
to engage your database of phone numbers.

Viber Messaging:
What you should know

1,1 Billion

Unique Registered Viber Users

7 Million Interactions

happen every minute on Viber

1 in 4 customers

click the action button in a message

82% Average Link Clicks

High CTRs are achieved due to CTA buttons in Viber Messages.

96% of Messages

are read within 3 minutes

97% Delivery Rate

Viber has one of the most reliable sending routes of all messaging apps.

Powerful Features

Branded Sender ID

Use the power of your brand by showing your brand name, logo, verified badge, and info.

Rich Media Content

Send special images, GIFs, buttons, emojis or any other special characters.

Viber Personalization

Use custom tags such are 'First Name', 'Last Name' or 'Company' to make your campaigns personal.

  • Cost Estimate

Don’t worry about spending more than you intended. Estimate your campaign cost before running it with 99% accuracy.

  • No Onboarding Fee

Get your Viber Business verified with no hidden costs.

  • 1000 Characters Message

Viber Message text contains up to 1000 characters with additional image and a call-to-action button.

  • Live Preview

Get live preview of how your Viber Message look before you send it.

  • Segmentation

Add tags to the group of contacts based on common traits such as country, city, age, gender and others.

  • Analytics

Track all important campaign metrics and identify which ones work best. 

Reach your audience anywhere

Viber has more than 1.1 billion users worldwide.
Countries with Viber being in the top 10 most downloaded messaging apps are countries in Eastern Europe, Balkans, and South-Eastern Asia.

If you’re ready to go beyond SMS, you can register for Viber Messages now!

How it Works


Verify Your Business

We will help you get your Viber Business Profile verified, completely free of charge.
The only thing you need to do is to fill out a simple form on our website. This will allow us to get all the info we need to provide you with the best quality service tailored by your specific needs.

  • Already have a registered Brand name?

Let us know by sending an email to and we’ll take care of the entire onboarding process for you.


Choose a Message Type

Promotional Messages

Viber is the only messaging app that allows promotional push messages.

Send interactive promotional content to your contacts that can have a nice mix of text, image and an action button.

Action buttons are great! When the recipient clicks on the action button, it opens up a browser window with the link you specify. Super effective for getting people to the landing page or content of your choice.

Transactional Messages

Send text-only status updates or informative messages to keep your customers in the loop.

Notify your customers on account charges, send booking confirmations, ask for feedback, etc. all at the fraction of an SMS cost.

Cost-effective, yet super powerful and engaging.


Craft & Personalize
Your Message

Customize each message with the custom fields like customer first names or any other data from your contacts. This way your mass text campaigns will be very personal and sound tailored specifically for the person you’re reaching out to. Emitto includes many default fields, but you can create as many as you want.


Target & Send

The last thing you want is for your audience to feel overwhelmed with irrelevant information. Our audience segmentation feature makes it easy to send highly targeted campaigns. Simply select how you want to segment the audience you want to send the campaign to, and your message will be delivered only to the people who will find it interesting and relevant.


Analyze Campaign Performance

Emitto allows you to keep track of all of your campaign performances with our built-in analytics features. You get at-a-glance overview of all the new subscribers, number of messages sent, number of notifications opened and so much more. With data like this, you can optimize your content and save time and money.

  • API Integration

    Coming soon

Coming Soon: Connect your apps or 3rd party services programmatically via Emitto API. Keep your contacts in sync, or Send Viber campaigns and updates with a single API call.

Viber Demo Video

Coca Cola Success Story

Use Viber like Coca Cola did

Coca-Cola improved its digital footprint by launching a Viber account & product promo codes.

The results:

680,000 users

interacted with Viber Profile


Promo codes redeemed


Conversion rate

Viber Use Cases


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