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Channels That Work

Take advantage of the best performing channels & take your engagement to he next level.

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70% of consumers prefer to use texting for scheduling appointments.

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Only 14% of spa-goers are between 16 and 24 - messaging marketing can be used for attraction of younger generation.

SMS in good hands

378% more SMS marketing messages were sent in 2020 than in 2019.

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Easy to Learn, Even Easier to Use.

Emitto is built for everyone to use. It’s a familiar experience you’ll be able to navigate with little to no effort.

Deliver Personalized Experience.

Make your clients feel comfortable and welcome to your salon by sending them highly personalized messages.

Messaging marketing,wellness,spa,emitto
Messaging marketing,wellness,spa,emitto
Send Messages Your Customers Want to Read.

Send service and treatment-based updates thanks to well-organized contact lists based on the services your customers usually use. Deliver personalized messages about their favorite treatments as well as loyalty codes based on a specific service.

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How Can Emitto Help You
Boost Your Wellness & Spa Services?

Fill an Unexpected Gap in Your Schedule

Message the clients on your waitlist to let them know you have a sudden opening in the schedule. Make them an offer, and boom - you are fully booked again.

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Appointment Reminders

Avoid last minute cancelations and keep
your clients confident about their upcoming treatment
by sending reservation reminders.

Messaging marketing,wellness,spa,emitto
New Products or Services & Promo Messages

Get an instant push of your new services by letting all your clients know about it. Also, keep that retention rate high! Send special offers for the most loyal customers.

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Share COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Send messages informing the clients of your spa or salon safety procedures.

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Request Reviews for Review Platforms

Boost your ratings on the review platforms
by sending a message right after
the treatment.

Messaging marketing,wellness,spa,emitto
Messaging marketing,wellness,spa,emitto

Take Your Customer Communication to the
Next Level With Emitto

Automate Your Responses

With The Emitto Trigger Response feature, you can automatically reply to common queries and requests for information.

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Easily Set Up Trigger Words to Automate Your Two-Way Communication

Create a Keyword, e.g. “SERVICES” that triggers an automatic reply with a list of services available. Keywords provide information to your customers without any need for your direct involvement.

You can create as many trigger words as you want and make the conversation with your customer quick and efficient.

US, Canada, Australia & 50+ countries worldwide

Smart Guest Contact Management

With Emitto you will have all the guest contacts in one place categorized and well organized.

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Tags & Segmentation

Easily filter your contacts by any type of clients, for example: new/regular clients, or by any special services and requirements.

Easy bulk import

Import up to 100k contacts within seconds.

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What’s the Best Plan to Start With?

No matter the size of your store, Emitto has got you covered. Transparency first - no hidden fees.

Recommended Channels

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SMS for Wellness & Spa

Everyone with a phone has SMS. Take advantage of it right now!

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Viber for Wellness & Spa

Most cost-effective way to talk to your customers directly.

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Web Push for Wellness & Spa

Reach your customers even when they are not on your website.

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