Global SMS Messaging

Reliable Worldwide SMS Delivery
to over 190 countries and 800 operators today

SMS Messaging:
What you should know

5+ Billion People

can receive SMS

88% of Smartphone Users

primarily use their devices for texting.

29% of SMS recipients

click on links in SMS messages.

98% SMS messages

are read. Compared to email’s 26%, it's 4x better.

90% of SMS messages

are read within 3 minutes of receiving them.

85% of Consumers

prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

Powerful Features

5-minute Setup

Make your audience feel appreciated by sending highly customized messages. 

No-code Integration

Messages are sent and delivered instantly, in seconds. 

SMS Personalization

Talk to your audience on the platforms they love and use every day. 

  • Reliable Delivery

Be connected directly to hundreds of carriers around the world and engages multiple routes to help ensure the highest delivery.

  • Branded Sender ID

Use your custom ID to deliver SMS to more than 80 countries. Get your customers to connect with your Brand name.

  • Instant Delivery

Up to 99.9% of all SMS sent get to their destination instantly. Around 90% of delivered SMS get read within the first 3 minutes.

  • Cost Estimate

Estimate your campaign cost before running it with 99% accuracy. Don’t worry about spending more than you intended to.

  • Segmentation

Tag your contacts and group them based on some common traits. Use your custom tags in order to segment your campaigns.

  • Analytics

Track all high-level campaign metrics and identify the best ones.

Reach your audience anywhere

All Languages

Communicate in your local language, with UTF-8 support. Send characters like ス,Ñ,Ђ, Ю, غ, ฮ, 👍

Global Support

How Emitto Works

You're 5 steps away from creating a campaign on any channel. 


Sender Setup

Alphanumeric Sender

Display your brand name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool. More than 80 countries in the world support this feature.

See a list of countries that support Alphanumeric Sending ID. 

Get Phone Numbers Fast

Some countries require a local number to send messages. You can buy a local number directly from Emitto. The numbers we offer are at the best price we can find on the market for you.

With our simple interface, you can search and buy numbers anywhere in the world in minutes.

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Smart Contact Management

Easy Bulk Import

Easily import a list of existing contacts via CSV file. Your file can include additional contact information like name, country, or email address, which will be automatically categorized by Emitto and added to your contacts.

Get Phone Numbers Fast

You can also reach out to the contacts you didn't import. Simply copy and paste a list of numbers separated by commas directly when creating a campaign.

API Sync

Coming Soon: Automatically add and update contacts from your CRMs and 3rd party software. Emitto API lets you easily interact with our SMS gateway from your own applications. 


Send Personalized Messages

Customize each message with the custom fields like customer first names or any other data from your contacts. This way your mass text campaigns will be very personal and sound tailored specifically for the person you’re reaching out to. Emitto includes many default fields, but you can create as many as you want.

Personalized messages


Analyze Campaign Performance

Emitto allows you to keep track of all of your campaign performances with our built-in analytics features. You get an at-a-glance overview of all the new subscribers, a number of messages sent, a number of links clicked and so much more. With data like this, you can optimize your content and figure out which channels work best for you.

  • API Integration

    Coming soon

Connect your apps or 3rd party services programmatically via Emitto API. Keep your contacts in sync, or Send SMS campaigns and updates with a single API call.

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SMS Use Cases

Promotional | Transactional | Loyalty Program

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