Promotional SMS: Learn How to Boost Sales & Increase Revenue Fast

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There are countless use cases for SMS marketing. Some of them are more in service of great customer support than in increasing sales. But one thing they all have in common is strengthening the relationships with customers & improving brand loyalty. 

Promotional SMS is all about marketing – increasing sales, revenue, and profits. Smart businesses all around the world use promotional texts for advertising because they’ve experienced first-hand how it benefits them. 

If you want to find out everything about promotional SMS, what are its advantages, the difference between transactional and promotional SMS, how to write a promotional text that boosts sales, and get killer ideas with a promotional SMS sample – don’t leave. Because we’ve packed all this information in one simple & easy to read blog post.

What Is Promotional SMS?

Businesses use promotional SMS to inform their SMS subscribers about deals, and special offers, to send new stock arrival messages to customers, and discount coupons. Every type of promotional SMS serves a greater purpose: to build trust, offer value & sell more. Because people buy from businesses they trust, and they don’t give their phone numbers to just anyone. 

SMS subscribers are your most loyal fans, and promotional SMS offer your business 1-1 conversation with all of them. If you aren’t growing your SMS list, you’re missing out on the opportunity to increase your revenue & engagement on a channel that outperforms every other. 

Promotional SMS can also be one way or two way SMS. What’s the difference? 1 way SMS is a great tool for building SMS marketing campaigns and promoting your products. While 2 way SMS offers you real, highly-engaging conversations with your customers. 

Send promotional SMS and entice customers to click, engage and buy from your business. There is no better way to increase sales because SMS promo reaches your subscribers instantly, and has a 98% open rate.

Illustration that says special offer. Send promotional SMS to advertise your special offers.

The Advantages of Promotional SMS

Let’s cut to the chase and dive deeper into why you shouldn’t sleep on promotional SMS, and how it benefits your business & bank account!

Increase Brand Loyalty

Promotional SMS increases brand loyalty simply due to the fact that you’re always giving something with every text you send. Discount? Special offer? New stock arrival messages to customers? Sign me up! Make sure your customers always choose you over competitors. 

Increase Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Your SMS subscribers are here for the long haul – they didn’t subscribe for your promotional SMS to buy from you once. Because of that, you have the chance to increase customer LTV with promotional messages and have customers who buy from you over and over again.

Increase Your Engagement Rate by 90%

If you’re using 2 way SMS, your engagement rate will be through the roof. By both sending promotional SMS and receiving responses from your customers, they’ll think of you more as a friend than a business that’s trying to sell them something. 


But really! You only pay less than $0.1 per promotional SMS. That’s not a high price to pay for having a direct way to customers’ hearts, right? Compared to other channels, where you pay a ridiculous amount of money per click, promotional SMS is definitely a bargain. Check out the cost of promotional SMS and plan your budget accordingly.  

Personalized SMS Marketing

In every promotional SMS, you have the chance to use personalized SMS marketing and improve click-through rates and conversions. Use the data you have to your advantage, and include personal details such as [Name] to send highly personal promotional SMS. 

The Conversion Rate of Promo SMS Can Go as High as 45%

Since the open rate of promo SMS is almost always 100%, that increases the conversion rate as well. Everyone read your promotional texts, which means statistics are on your side. Because of that, you can forget about the 1-3% conversion rate that you have with other channels. The conversion rate of promo SMS goes as high as 45%, and while you won’t always get that percentage, even 10-15% is great, right? 

Use Promotional SMS as a Tool for Powerful Cross-Promotion

Why leave money on a table, when you can add a powerful tool to your marketing efforts? Run promotional SMS campaigns in addition to advertising on other channels and watch your bank account explode. 

Analyze & Optimize

When you’ve run a couple of promotional SMS campaigns it’s time to see where you stand. Analyze the performance of your message campaigns, tweak your strategy and optimize according to real-time results. 

Segment Your Audience

When you’re an experienced SMS marketer, and you’ve analyzed your data – you must see some patterns that repeat over and over again. Use that information to segment audiences based on demographics, preferences, and any other feature, to create an even more personal experience for every subscriber. 

What Is the Difference Between Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS?

You already know a lot about promotional SMS, but do you know what’s the difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS?

Promotional SMS offers your customers special discounts, sales, deals, and coupon codes they can use in a certain time frame to save money while getting the products they want. You’ll see the ROI immediately, and calculate conversion, click-through rates, and engagement. It’s a marketing channel that gives results quickly, with a little effort on your side. 

Transactional SMS, on the other hand, serves another purpose. The purpose of transactional SMS is more long-term, as it influences how customers perceive your brand, their loyalty, and customer satisfaction. While you can’t calculate conversion rates as such, transactional SMS is a proven way to transform customers into raving fans of your brand. 

Transactional SMS improves customer experience, builds trust, and offers you a way to stay ahead of the competition by offering exceptional customer service. It can be anything from confirming appointments, sending information about the delivery, or simply gathering feedback from your customers. 

An illustration of great customer service that represents an exchange between customers and stuff. Use transactional SMS to improve customer experience.

How Do You Write Promotional SMS?

Wondering how to write killer promotional SMS? We’ve got your back! Here are quick, and easy-to-implement tips:

  • Use personalization in your copy.
  • Make it short, but sweet with punchy sentences that entice people to buy. 
  • Include a powerful call to action at the end of every promotional SMS.
  • Always use branded sender ID, and make sure you choose the promo SMS sender that offers this option. Branded sender ID is a powerful tool that makes the name of your company the sender of promotional SMS. 
  • Make sure you respect your customers, by sending promotional SMS at the right time. Avoid rush hours, be mindful of time zones, and send messages anywhere between 10 am-3 pm, as well as around 8 pm when most people are at home, relaxing. This will increase your chances of converting them into customers
  • Make the most out of marketing scarcity, by limiting your offer only to a certain period of time. 

That’s all folks! Pretty simple, right? Now onto the next quest!

What Can You Promote With Promotional SMS?

Every Facebook ad you publish, every newsletter you send, every PPC campaign you pay for – they could all become promotional SMS. The trick is, you don’t even need to come up with graphics, and long-form copy and spend hours on optimizing it for conversions. 

You know that email you’ve sent to your subscribers that has 2 custom graphics and is 300 words long? Could’ve been a text. It’s only 160 characters long, but it does the job. What can you do right away?

  • Send welcome SMS to every new subscriber with a special discount as a thank you.
  • Create an SMS loyalty program and reward your customers for staying loyal to your brand. 
  • Announce great news with new stock arrival messages to customers, to let them know you’ve restocked their favorite products.
  • Explore additional types of SMS marketing, and always know what your next promotional SMS will be about!

Promotional SMS Sample

This blog wouldn’t be complete without promotional SMS samples you can use to get inspiration & grow your revenue. Take a look at promotional marketing sample text messages to customers you can use right away:

  • Restaurant promotional SMS sample

“Hey [Name], enjoy this wonderful day in the company of your friends & great food. Show this SMS to our stuff, and get 25% off your order – today only”

  • Special offer message sample

“Hey [Name], are you up for a new pair of jeans? Place your order in the next 48 hours and get 20% off of our new collection. Your perfect jeans are waiting!”

  • New stock arrival messages to customers

“Hey [Name], we’ve just restocked your favorite products! Why don’t you take a look and help yourself with 30% off your order for the next 72 hours?”

Still not enough? Never let your inspiration dry out with additional 33 SMS marketing ideas with powerful examples every business can use to grow. 

Send Promotional SMS with Emitto

Now that you’re up and ready to grow your revenue, increase sales and achieve through-the-roof conversion rates, it’s only left for you to choose your promo SMS sender. 

Emitto offers promotional SMS service with exceptional customer support that’s at your disposal 24/7. Our team is always eager to help and walk you through any problems you might experience in less than 24 hours. 

As we exclusively offer promotional SMS service, you can be sure that our powerful analytics, the ability to send promo SMS to more than 160 countries in the world, with instant delivery and no-code set-up will help you grow your sales crazy fast. 

Choose your pricing plan and send promotional SMS right away! You can also book a demo and our experts will help you get started successfully. 

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