Marketers’ Guide to SMS Marketing Analytics

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SMS has become one of the most effective channels when it comes to communication between brands and customers, and there is a good reason for that.

Where other channels lack focus and results, 160 characters text provides a direct way to consumers and persuades them to buy from your company over and over again. Forget spending thousands of dollars for a 1% conversion rate, because SMS marketing analytics often overperform that.

Why SMS Analytics Matter

What’s the point if you can’t measure it? If you can’t use SMS analytics, you can’t be sure whether campaigns are working or not. With text message analytics you can persuade anyone that SMS marketing is the right choice, and you know damn well that numbers speak louder than words in marketing. 

SMS marketing analytics offer you invaluable insights into the performance of your campaigns and allow you to further optimize them for success. But not only that. SMS analytics are also a powerful way to set the right SMS marketing KPIs and achieve your goals faster. With SMS campaign metrics you’ll also:

  • Understand your audience better.
  • Easily align SMS strategy with other channels.
  • Segment your audience based on their preferences and get a higher ROI.
  • Know which areas have room for improvement.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to track SMS campaigns, and the most important campaign metrics, calculate SMS click through rate, measure conversions, and amaze everyone with the results of your next campaign.

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The 3 Most Important SMS Campaign Metrics

Every marketer knows that amount of data can sometimes be deafening. It’s important to track everything, but not every SMS campaign metric is created equal. We’ve explained 3 most important SMS campaign metrics you need to master before you go any further.

SMS Delivery Rate

SMS delivery rate is the percentage of messages that are delivered to subscribers. You don’t want to pay for SMS that’s not delivered, because that’s just throwing money down the drain. Your SMS list may have invalid contacts, that don’t receive your SMS marketing campaigns. 

Sometimes people don’t give their correct phone numbers because they don’t trust the brand. Change that by building trust across platforms and growing your SMS list the right way to increase SMS delivery rate. 

Pro tip: Filter out the contacts that repeatedly don’t receive the messages. Remove them from your list and you’ll save money and have more budget to focus on the audience that cares.

Calculate SMS Click Through Rate

Every campaign has an ultimate goal. But the first step in achieving any marketing goal is to let your audience consume your content. Get to know you better. And in return, you also learn about them. 

With an average SMS click through rate of 20%, SMS marketing is a top channel to make sure people read what you have to say. And with SMS marketing analytics, you’d know exactly how many people clicked on a link from your campaign and easily calculate the SMS click through rate. 

Pro tip: Increase SMS click through rate by testing different call-to-actions and see which one performs better. You can also go a step further and segment audiences based on their preferences to send highly personalized campaigns.

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Measure SMS Marketing Conversion Rate

Once your SMS campaigns are delivered to the right people and your CTR is high enough, it’s time to shift your focus on the SMS conversion rate. 

Marketing is there to support sales, and conversions speak volumes about how well it’s going. You want to impress the team and decision-makers with results, and the easier way to do so is to track the SMS marketing conversion rate in your SMS analytics dashboard. 

If you want to assign an increased conversion rate on a website to your SMS marketing efforts, you have to clearly calculate the number of people who bought something directly as a result of your SMS campaign. 

Pro tip: The conversion rate of SMS marketing is a lot higher than on any other channels because SMS subscribers are your most loyal audience. People don’t just give their phone numbers to anyone. And the bigger your list is, the better results you’ll get!

Achieve More with Emitto

Emitto doesn’t just offer you a powerful bulk SMS marketing platform, and detailed SMS analytics, but also ways to gain another stream of revenue. Besides using Emitto for your own SMS marketing, we also offer a bulk SMS reseller program.

The best thing is you can choose whether you’d prefer residual income as a member of our bulk SMS affiliate program, or you’d like to take control and full advantage of our powerful white label SMS platform.

With our inexhaustible resources, you’ll master everything that’s related to bulk SMS marketing and learn how to get the most out of whichever program you choose.

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