How to Do B2B SMS Marketing Like a Pro and Supercharge Your Growth

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Want to shorten your sales cycle and have leads consume your content?

When creating marketing strategies and choosing the channels, marketing agencies often overlook B2B SMS marketing because it’s not as common as for example, LinkedIn and email. But as every experienced marketer knows, it’s not the channel that doesn’t work, it’s how we use it.  

We get it, marketing is different from a B2B perspective compared to B2C. But that’s because we often overcomplicate things. When doing B2B marketing, you’re not selling to some complex entity, because the foundation of every company is still the people who work there. 

Shift your perspective and consider B2B SMS marketing as a valuable asset to your marketing efforts, and a channel that has high potential to drive revenue for B2B businesses all around the globe. 

Learn everything from advantages, use cases, best practices, and B2B SMS marketing examples and you’ll know how to do B2B SMS marketing like a pro!

Let’s dive in.

B2B SMS Marketing Advantages

SMS marketing is one of the most straightforward communication channels. There is no space for fluff, spam, and TLDR content. While the benefits of bulk SMS marketing for B2C brands are pretty obvious, many B2B businesses are still not sure how it can benefit them. 

Not only will you enjoy a channel with the highest engagement, but the following B2B SMS marketing advantages will make you kick yourself for not giving B2B text messaging a chance sooner:

  1. Not many B2B companies use SMS marketing, making it a perfect chance for you to own the channel. Your competitors may start using B2B SMS marketing someday, but they’ll be behind you. 
  2. Deliver important announcements instantly with SMS.
  3. Create a powerful cross-promotion with B2B SMS marketing in addition to your current efforts. 
  4. Increase customer retention and lifetime value.
  5. Shorten your sales cycle. B2B SMS subscribers are great MQLs, which means your sales cycle will shorten and you’ll easily convert them into customers. 
  6. Segment audiences based on their preferences, features, the industry they operate in, and demographics to deliver more personal B2B SMS marketing campaigns.

B2B SMS marketing is a certain way to get leads to consume your content. With a 98% open rate, and a 20% SMS click through rate – you’ll move leads faster down the sales funnel.

International B2B SMS Marketing

You work in marketing for an international B2B brand, and feel like you’re limited in marketing tactics you can use? We get it; you need to develop complex marketing strategies, and compared to your peers working for a local B2C company, the weight on your shoulders is just heavier. 

We’ve got you covered, tho. Here are some ideas to cheer you up and explain how to use B2B text messaging to increase revenue for international B2B brands. 

  • Start with SMS compliance. Different countries have different laws related to text message marketing. Make sure the platform you use is both CCPA and GDPR-compliant. 
  • Use B2B SMS marketing to convert leads and move them through a sales funnel. B2B text messaging is a great way to remarket to an already warm audience and convert subscribers to clients crazy fast. 
  • Enjoy instant delivery to clients all around the globe, while taking into consideration their time zone, language, and different preferences. 
  • Tailor your B2B text messaging to different client profiles and customize each campaign based on their preferences. 
  • Upselling is easier, as international B2B SMS marketing rarely feels like marketing at all. Share value, and you’ll get clients who’ll readily buy what you have to offer. 

P.S. Many popular platforms cover only the US and Canada. Make sure to choose a B2B SMS marketing platform that covers every country your clients live in. 

A mug that has “Think creative, work effective” written on it. Explore different B2B SMS marketing use cases and never run out of ideas for effective marketing.

B2B SMS Marketing Use Cases

B2B SMS marketing is a great inbound marketing channel that lets you build relationships with clients. You don’t have to come up with long emails and wonder how many people will open them. Let alone read them. And with SMS marketing, you can automate almost everything. Let’s see some use cases:

  • Fintech companies can automate most of their processes such as invoicing, announcements, and important reminders with B2B SMS marketing. It’s a failproof way to make sure your clients receive important information instantly. 
  • Automate and schedule appointments directly through B2B SMS marketing, making sure that every client knows about it, while team members focus on more important tasks, such as preparing for a sales call that will convert leads into clients. 
  • Use B2B SMS marketing to nurture leads and stay on top of their minds. Do this by utilizing some of the best SMS Marketing Ideas. Opportunities are endless, from a business SMS drip campaign to sales messaging ideas, you’ll own every stage of the buyer journey. 

Pro tip: When collecting marketing phone numbers from your clients, set clear expectations from the beginning. By telling them how often you’ll send B2B SMS, what kind of B2B text messaging they can expect from you, you won’t risk overwhelming them. Don’t forget to always share value and personalize every interaction!

Use Proven B2B Text Messaging Solution

To successfully run campaigns and grow your revenue, you need a proven B2B text messaging solution. As a B2B company, you have more specific needs than some ecommerce stores. Here are the next steps to make sure your B2B SMS marketing efforts don’t go to waste:

  • Grow your agency with a guide to sms marketing for agencies.
  • Get familiar with different types of bulk SMS marketing and choose the ones that suit your business best.
  • Maybe you don’t want to simply run SMS campaigns for yourself. You can also get the most out of your B2B network and earn with every SMS they send. You can do it by becoming a member of our bulk SMS affiliate program.
  • Take your game to the next level and sell Emitto as it’s your software by becoming our white label bulk SMS partner. Your branding. Your prices. Your profit. 

Emitto is a global SMS marketing platform that works for any business, from a small niche ecommerce store to big healthcare institutions and fintech companies. With more than 160 countries, instant SMS delivery, and support for every language, Emitto is liked both by clients and customers. And especially by marketers because of our super-simple dashboard and powerful analytics.

Supercharge your growth and book a demo today!

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