11 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing That Will Make You Kick Yourself for Not Doing It Sooner

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SMS communication is one of the oldest and most effective methods of business communication with prospects and customers. It has grown in popularity in the last few years because of the multiple benefits of bulk SMS marketing that will never go out of fashion. 

It’s estimated that 98% of all adults globally now own a mobile phone, and many of them are using those phones to read and respond to marketing messages through SMS. 

Working in marketing is certainly challenging. Whether you’re an in-house marketer or part of a marketing agency, you know how easily focus can be dispersed and that there are just so many channels. Naturally, you want to promote on channels that give the best results and ROI. 

Dive deeper into these 11 benefits of bulk SMS marketing and learn why SMS is the step in the right direction.

What Business Sectors Can Benefit From Bulk SMS Marketing?

We won’t lie to you and tell you that bulk SMS marketing is the right choice for every business. Businesses such as niche B2B service-based companies that only serve a handful of clients won’t benefit much from bulk SMS marketing. On the other hand, for some businesses, personalized SMS marketing is a gift from heaven. But which business are we talking about?

So what are the benefits of bulk SMS marketing for these businesses?

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1st Benefit of Bulk SMS Marketing: SMS Open Rate

Statistics for SMS open rate usually vary between 90% to 98%. This benefit of SMS makes sure that your campaign efforts don’t go to waste. It’s one of the greatest bulk SMS marketing benefits compared to e-mail marketing because people don’t open every email they receive. But with texts, you can make sure that your SMS leads actually open your campaign.

2nd Advantage of Bulk SMS: Instant Delivery

We can’t speak for other SMS providers, but Emitto offers instant delivery for every SMS campaign. It’s one of the most important advantages of bulk SMS because you don’t want to send a campaign at 4 pm, and annoy the recipient if it arrives later at night. 

It often happens that businesses need to inform their customers of something immediately. There is no better way to make sure they receive important information when they need it than SMS because people usually read texts in 3 minutes after receiving it.

3rd Benefit: SMS Marketing Conversion Rate

Companies that text their SMS leads report SMS marketing conversion rate to be as high as 45%. Any marketer knows that anything between 1-3% is great, and while we can’t promise you a 45% conversion rate all the time, it’s certainly worth the effort even if you slightly have less. Send your customers coupons and exclusive offers and entice them to buy from you more often. 

4th: Personalized SMS Marketing

What’s a better way to make customers feel special than sending them SMS that speaks directly to them? As a channel, SMS is highly personal and offers SMS leads the experience of 1-on-1 marketing because you’re texting them just like their friends do. But you can take it to the next level and include personal details like name, to make it even more appealing. Branded SMS is also a powerful advantage of bulk SMS, because your company name is the sender ID.

5th: Bulk SMS Marketing Is a Powerful Addition to Your Marketing Efforts

You don’t have to start from scratch with bulk SMS marketing. Get SMS leads by utilizing your current marketing efforts. Chances are, you already have the audience on other channels like email, Instagram, Facebook and website. 

Why not grow your SMS list and open the door for powerful cross-promotion? By taking advantage of SMS communication, you can engage with SMS leads with powerful welcome messages, and special promotions, and build trust & revenue along the way. 

6th Benefit of SMS: Strengthen Customer Relationships

Keep in touch with your customers and make them choose you over your competitors, always. Transform the average customer into a raving fan of your business by rewarding them with amazing customer experience every step of the way.

7th Benefit of SMS Communication: Track Results

One of the benefits is certainly its powerful SMS marketing analytics. Get responses from your SMS leads and get to know them better, but also learn as you go by analyzing current campaigns and optimizing them to convert better. Measure the impact of everything you do to make smarter decisions in the future, because marketing is all about growth. You’ll always know how many people read your text, whether they responded, and get instant performance feedback.

8th: Reach Anyone, Everywhere

Turn your SMS leads into customers ASAP. Speed up the sales process, because today, more than ever, time equals money. People who subscribe to your SMS list are already a warm audience interested in what you have to offer. 

Get them closer to the buying stage by sending high-converting SMS campaigns, and avoid wasting your money on leads that won’t become customers. Nail your international SMS marketing strategy and create endless sale opportunities wherever in the world your customers are. 

9th: Segment Audience

If you’re having SMS leads that aren’t converting, you can easily segment them and test a different approach. Another benefit of bulk SMS marketing is that you can segment your audience based on their interest, demographics, and every other feature you can think of.

10th Advantage of SMS: Cost-Effective

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Leads, including SMS leads, are the lifeblood of every business. However, generating them can be expensive.  One of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing is certainly how cost-effective it is. 

Reaching customers directly on their phones costs less than $ per SMS. You can check out the SMS pricing and estimate how much your next bulk SMS campaign is going to cost with 99% accuracy.

11th: Low Effort, High Gain

The best benefit of SMS is how easy and super simple it is. Setting up your account is a 5-minute job, and you can send your first campaign immediately after that. There is no need for coding anything, you just have to import your contacts, fine-tune the platform to suit your needs, and start sending SMS online. You don’t even need to come up with long-form copy, because texts are just 160 characters long.

Special Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits for Agencies

Besides these bulk SMS marketing benefits, marketing agencies have special advantages of bulk SMS. What are we talking about? Besides using SMS internally, agencies can white label SMS Platform and sell to their clients without making their own software. In that way, they earn with every message their clients send and take advantage of SMS communication on a whole another level.  

Agencies can also become part of Emitto’s bulk SMS affiliate program, offer their clients all these benefits of bulk SMS marketing and earn commission along the way. 

If you’re not sure which program is the right choice for your agency, learn more about what’s in for you and the differences between those two bulk SMS reseller programs.

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