What Is Bulk Texting and Why Do You Need It?

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Bulk SMS is a very useful and effective marketing tactic. It should be the essential part of any marketing strategy that tends to become successful in today’s digital world. 

It’s a fact that smartphones are ruling our digital world. So, mobile-focused marketing has become the main part of every marketing plan. In order to keep a competitive edge over competitors, marketing businesses should try to use these channels. To maintain the advantage within the industry, make sure to contact Emitto for the support you need with your personalized messaging and sending bulk messages. 

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Who Uses Bulk Texting, Why And How?

When talking about mobile marketing, we must pay special attention to SMS marketing. As we mentioned, these short texts delivered to your mobile phone have an amazing 98% open rate within 3 minutes! No other marketing channel is that efficient and convenient. 

Here are some examples of how bulk SMS delivery can be used with the customers, who uses it and why, and in different types of campaigns: 

  • WHO – Travel agencies, Media outlets, Retailers, Large consumer websites 
  • WHY –  increasing sales and revenue, building better customer relationships 
  • HOW – sending personalized messages, blast campaigns, etc.

Sending Bulk SMS Messages Might Save Your Retail Business

Bulk SMS for retail is a pretty efficient way of communication that businesses can use to increase reach and develop customer loyalty.  Personalized messages will also get better response rates. It is mainly due to the fact that your message goes directly to your customer no matter what they are doing or where they are. 

When you compare budgets you spend on direct messaging campaigns with the budgets spent on any paid advertising, it is waaay cheaper. 

It’s incredible how customer engagement can skyrocket even when your customers are not online. It sounds almost unbelievable, right?

Besides retailers, this type of messaging is used by:  banks, major airlines, healthcare providers, etc.  Also, private and public schools can use mass messaging to send information to teachers and parents to inform them about important events. 

Hotels can get their booking rates up, restaurants can turn more than 90% of reservations into full tables, theatres and galleries can get their seats to sell out within minutes, all thanks to personalized bulk texting. 

Why Do You Need Bulk Texting For Your Business?

Bulk SMS will definitely improve your customer communication. It is a permission-based (opt-in) service that creates meaningful relationships and makes the customers feel like they are part of the family.

Besides creating better relationships with customers, bulk texting actually helps businesses  have scalable results. It is especially useful in assisting first-time entrepreneurs. At the same time, it empowers businesses to create endless opportunities through well-planned exposure. 

Mass campaigns can be used nationally and internationally. That is why it is very easy to reach a specific audience, both locally and globally. 

You should think of bulk texting as a useful resource that can increase sales because it reaches customers at the time that is the most convenient for them. This is the first step to guide them into your sales funnel and have a strong probability to get them to buy your product or service right away.

Different and engaging activities or Q&A sessions can all be organized using mass messaging campaigns. Such marketing campaigns are very likely to attract new clients since “word of a friend” is still one of the strongest marketing tricks, even in the 21st century.  

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How Bulk Texting Helps Your Business Grow?

Now, we will list a couple of ways how sending Bulk messages can help your business through some specific examples. 

SMS Marketing Boosts Sales – Make your customers feel special by sending SMS directly thus increasing the purchase rate of the new products. Your loyal customers will also be happy to have access to limited promotions and exclusive deals and offers

Send Reminders – People need specific and reliable information from businesses, on spot. SMS reminders will show how much you care that your customers are always up to date with their appointments and schedule. 

Make Sure to Send Necessary Alerts – If some issues can have a direct impact on your clients, inform them on time about potential problems they may experience. They will definitely appreciate you more for showing your honesty and accountability. 

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Let’s Conclude This With the Following Statement – Bulk SMS is one of the most efficient marketing tactics for promoting your business. What makes it so special is that anyone can use it, no matter the expertise or size of the company. 

If you still haven’t tried this type of communication, waste no time and contact Emitto to get started with baby steps towards becoming a messaging wizard. 

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