Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,messaging marketing,marketing platform,text messaging

Every brand wants to work on developing new marketing channels to reach a wider audience, but one key channel that often gets overlooked is SMS marketing. That’s a big misstep since SMS marketing has a lot of potential: it’s easy to target customers and it can help you reach them more directly than some other marketing methods.

Unlike email, where your messages can easily get ignored or, even worse, go to spam, SMS campaigns can be a reliable and cost-effective marketing tool.

Let’s review the top 5 reasons to use SMS marketing.

1. SMS Campaigns Have Quick Delivery

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,messaging marketing,marketing platform,text messaging

A mass SMS campaign takes about 15 minutes to reach all potential customers. Although an email campaign can also be delivered quickly, consumers are more likely to read a brief message than a lengthy email.

If you’re a small business owner, SMS marketing is an easy way for you to connect with your customers. It requires much less planning than any other traditional form of advertising, and it can be much more effective.

Quick delivery time is one of the main reasons why SMS is coming back as one of the most efficient marketing tools of the future.

2. Text Messaging Engages Interaction

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,messaging marketing,marketing platform,text messaging

Our smartphones and mobile devices are the largest platforms for marketing at the moment. If you’re running a business, the best way to reach your customers would be through their smartphones.

Getting a text message is simply more intimate than receiving other notifications. When you’re holding your phone and you get a message, you are expecting it to be from someone that you know, someone close to you.

This is not the case with emails or other forms of notification. Most of us just mark many of our emails as read without actually reading them, as these are usually promotions, coupons, and stuff you just don’t have time to read.

SMS is different because it’s not a hassle to read a brief message, and it’s not a hassle to answer either. Usually, text messages come with quick response options which also saves time so potential customers are more likely to engage.

3. Affordable Marketing Medium

An SMS campaign is highly affordable for a campaign that reaches a large number of mobile users. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an enterprise, small business, or you’re just starting, you can almost certainly afford at least a small SMS campaign.

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,messaging marketing,marketing platform,text messaging

SMS marketing is much cheaper than other marketing platforms – it’s definitely cheaper than Facebook or Google ads (on Google, your average CPC is over $2). The best thing is that you’re going to get a very good return on investment. So, you’ll get conversions at a cheap price.

4. SMS Marketing Data Is Easy to Track

With messaging marketing, you can easily track the key metrics of your SMS campaign. You have all the information on how many messages you delivered, how many people read your messages.

Also, you can track engagement with three simple factors:

  • Opt-in: This is easy. If your potential customers opt in, it means that they’re interested in what you offer. This can lead to a successful conversion, especially if they continue engaging with your messages.
  • Opt-out: If, for some reason, some of your target audience opts out, you already have a gist of the overall situation. This means that they are no longer interested in your product or service.

You can now focus on targeting a different audience. Reassess the status of your campaign and create a new one if necessary. The opt-out feature tells us that there’s something we need to change in our approach.

  • Lengthy period without reply: If a message was read, and there’s no reply for a larger period, this usually means that the consumer is not interested in what you offer, and they won’t even bother to opt-out.

However, it might also mean that they’ve seen your offer, but they don’t feel like engaging in a conversation. This is also fine because you’ll be, qt the very least, working on your brand awareness.

5. A Mass SMS Campaign Is More Reliable

How many times did you immediately respond to an email once you’ve received it? And how many times did you even open an email as soon as you received it? There are two factors that affect the reliability of text messaging.

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,messaging marketing,marketing platform,text messaging

SMS messaging, as a marketing tactic, is still not heavily used. Its popularization is happening as we speak, so we do encourage you to use the momentum and jump on the train of innovation and the future of marketing.

After all, we did give you our permission to talk to us, so tell us more about you.

The Psychological Factor

There was word about the psychological factor of SMS campaigns previously, but let’s clarify a little. When you get a text message, it’s either a notification about a missed call, an SMS payslip, a friend sending you a message, etc.

When you get an email, you’re expecting it to be some kind of newsletter that you unwillingly subscribed to by signing up to get a free service. Imagine if we actually read every email that ever came to our inbox. Reading emails would be the only thing we’d ever do.

This is one of the main reasons why the open rate of SMS is much higher than that of emails.

The Technological Factor

Unlike emails that go through several spam filters, SMS messages reach the recipient immediately without being scrutinized. This reduces the amount of work that needs to go into setting up the entire process like vetting your email address and excluding certain words to avoid being flagged as spam.

Additionally, SMS is a more encompassing medium that might reach a wider audience. Not all people have email or social media accounts – older generations likely won’t have an email app on their smartphone and, even if they do, they hardly check it daily.

SMS overcomes this technological barrier and helps you reach people of various profiles.


If you want to improve your ROI without breaking the budget, you should definitely consider SMS marketing. You’ll get your customers to engage with your services and products, you’ll do it in a short time frame, and you won’t be reaching deep into your pockets to make this happen.

Also, you’ll have a safe and easy way of tracking how your SMS campaigns are doing. The data you gather will be reliable, and you’ll know what needs to change if the results start showing you red flags.

Messaging marketing is gaining momentum so the timing is perfect to jump in and try it out. Register for a free trial of Emitto and automate your SMS marketing campaigns with zero coding knowledge!

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