Top 3 Marketing Tools for Marketing Agencies

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Agencies use multiple different marketing channels for their clients. However, using all those marketing tools can become messy. It can become chaotic because managing and handling all those tools becomes overwhelming for the marketers in agencies. In addition, marketing agencies can waste a lot of time learning how to handle the tools and channels. So, let’s check out some top 3 marketing tools for marketing agencies that can help marketing agencies in avoiding unnecessary stress.  

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Let’s List Top 3 Marketing Tools for Marketing Agencies

At this moment in time,  the channels that perform the best are messaging channels. You need to at least try using one of them.  The strategy that includes using messaging will give your brand “an edge” and make your clients feel they are using cutting-edge technology for their marketing.

Here is the top 3 tools for your business:  

Emitto - Business Messaging Tool

Emitto is based on core values relevant for the future of marketing. Top core values are definitely no code and personalized conversation. In addition, we should not forget that the setup is quite easy. No complex integrations or any help from developers is the distinctive Emitto feature. Messages you can send with Emitto can be highly personalized. This is how Emitto works: 

  • Select a channel first
  • Create personalized message
  • Segment and target  the audience
  • Real-time message and delivery 
  • Detailed analytics

Emitto is a real multi-channel platform where you can pick and set up any of the channels in 5 minutes. It supports the most efficient marketing channels of today: SMS, Viber, Browser Push Notifications & Facebook Messenger (more on the way). After selecting a channel, you can create personalized messages within a simple, uniform interface for all the channels. You can easily personalize the message for each of your contacts using dynamic variables such as “FirstName” or “Company”. 

Segmenting your audience is step number 3. Criteria can be their demographics, interests, the country they are from, gender, or any other behavior using custom tags. When you deliver content relevant to a highly segmented audience, that guarantees outstanding CTRs.

Emitto’s top priority is the reliability and instant delivery of the campaign. Delivering the message “while it’s still hot” can get up to a 60% open rate in the first 5 minutes. Last but not least is detailed analytics. You can easily compare and identify the best-performing messages, channels, and campaigns with Emitto’s detailed cross-channel analytics. Learn, improve, adapt, and invest more into campaigns that deliver better results.

Mailchimp - An Essential Tool for Email Marketing

Mailchimp is a go-to email marketing tool. One particularly cool thing about Mailchimp is that it has awesome personalization email features. 

Mailchimp is super easy and you can send newsletters in a few quick steps: 

  • Set up your audience
  • Customize your signup form
  • Create a campaign
  • View your campaign analytics

Mailchimp has an easy-to-use bulk contact uploader and offers a simple audience segmentation right away.  It also has highly customizable sign up forms, so you can brand it the way you want. 

The next step is creating a campaign and writing a copy for the email. BAM – you can now view your campaign analytics in real-time. 

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Hubspot - CRM for everyone

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM designed for sales and marketing teams. Basically, they extend their services beyond just email marketing to include CRM, inbound marketing, analytics, service and help desk, and more. Each hub is powerful alone, but let’s discuss how Marketing Hub works now:

  • Attracts the right audience
  • Converts more visitors into customers 
  • Runs complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale

Through creating the content your prospects crave, you attract the right audience. With Marketing Hub, all your marketing tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. 

You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers at scale. Overall, the whole inbound marketing strategy of attracting, engaging, and delighting is included. 

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,Email Marketing,Increase Engagement,Marketing Channels,Text Messaging,Mailchimp

Marketing Tools - What’s the Purpose and Why Are They Necessary

Within thousands of marketing tools on the market, you need to choose the one that fits all your needs. As a marketing agency, you need for the tool to be:

– Easy-to-use

– Have all you need in one place (i.e. creating campaigns & analytics)

– Brings you desirable results

Right now, the channels that perform the best are messaging channels. If you haven’t had a chance to try any of them, it’s time for you to start. Your clients will be impressed, and you’ll brand yourself as a mover and a shaker in the marketing industry.

With Emitto, you can send SMS, Viber, Web Push & Messenger campaigns. Register for free and see how it goes!

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