Sell Like Crazy this Black Friday with Texting Marketing

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Abracadabra, you’ve just gotten a new text!

How many seconds took you to open it? We usually do it pretty fast, don’t we?

When we get a text, our brain is telling us that there is something out there, just for us, waiting to be read. Someone needs us. The feeling of being needed, combined with the fear of missing out and a sense of urgency is why texting is becoming the marketing magic of Black Friday madness.

Knowing how to use SMS marketing as part of your Black Friday strategy can drastically increase your sales and ROI from your marketing efforts.

With no further ado, let’s reveal 4 ways of using SMS marketing the right way! 

Use the Magic Wand

Multimedia messages are a great way to show your products without being pushy. Sending images through SMSs can bring more attention from your audience and increase their response rate.

Showcasing your product, its features, and an influencer enjoying it creates a tell me more moment and easily converts prospects into clients.

Magic dust blew from a girls palm

People are not getting ads via SMS, so naturally, they think that this message was meant only for them and is there because they want it to be.

This gives you a direct advantage of using the SMS channel over any other marketing channel out there. Open and conversion rates are skyrocketing, especially during the holiday season, so do not miss the momentum of texting in 2021.

Run Fast

The whole Black Friday shablam is made on the roots of urgency. 24h of the best prices you will get throughout the year, and yes, everybody is on to using these discounts at the same time and date as you. So either be fast or fall out.

This gives brands a chance to play with different Black Friday strategies and give out different discounts and preferable prices at different times.

Having flash sales via texts is the new hip trend that has not been taken advantage of just yet. Flash sales are done in the following way: you choose a certain product or a collection, put it on a sale, choose a specific time frame (3 hours for example) in which the sale prices will be active, and choose only one channel of promotion.

pink clock and calendar

Using SMS blast here is the best way to spread the news about the flash sale as fast and as further as you want.

SMS blasts can be automated which makes them quite time-efficient and on-point when it comes to campaign delivery metrics.

Furthermore, flash sales campaigns can be targeted specifically for a matching audience based on previously collected data. This gives out marketing managers possibilities to promote a bigger number of products to different audiences, but all at the same time.

Don’t Forget the Slipper

It’s all about the packaging. When the whole world is using the words discount and sales, it is imperative to come up with something new. To differentiate yourself from the competition, putting on the slippers and looking unexpectedly is a big must.

Do something outside of the box. This doesn’t come easy, but brands like Amazon, Netflix, Adidas have all committed to making their unique footprints on the Black Friday season, so why wouldn’t you do it too. 

cat emoji on the phone

Using customized SMS messages, slang, unique photographs and even different colors can turn heads over to your campaign. 

Do not forget to emphasize the added value your product brings. This may seem redundant, but you would be surprised how often it happens.

Black Friday is all about discounts, but don’t forget that the magic comes from the product itself.

Send Out the Carriage

Very often purchases are interrupted and shoppers leave the shopping window open for over 24h without ever going back to it.

The best way to decrease the cart abandonment rate is to automate notifications to remind your customers that their purchase is ongoing.

Sending out automated texts about completing the purchase, puts the focus back to the initial purchase and helps with speeding up the decision-making process.

SMS should contain the link to the cart and a very clear timer on how much time they have left before the end of the sale. While creating a Black Friday strategy, crafting a unique content approach usually helps shoppers recognize your brand’s tone of voice. This also helps with further retention as well as promoting the brand via the famous word of mouth strategy.

Managing to decrease abandoned cart numbers, and reversing them to paying customers is one of the tactics that bring the biggest increase in sales during the holidays season.

With Black Friday right around the corner, you should be ready to go all-in with your campaign any minute now. Texting and SMS marketing is there to give you a big competitive advantage and help you rise above the noise.

Keep in mind that using SMS marketing services can help you with speeding up the process and focusing on more creative parts of your campaign. Moreover, you should already have a prepared list to send out the campaign to and we do suggest sorting the contacts based on gender age, performance, and other data you may have collected from your purchasing websites.

Happy Holidays and let the magic begin!

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