Killer Strategies to Boost Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Sales

Boost Ecommerce Sales

Can you feel it in the air already? Pinkish color, the smell of chocolate, and “Emily in Paris” vibes. 

Yes! Another Cupidon related holiday is upon us. 

Even though some say this day is only great because of discounted chocolate (#serotoninboost), let us see how we can make it even better by providing you with ECommerce strategies that will increase your sales during this romantic day.

Roses and coffee

“Paris is for cheese lovers.” – Emily

Paris and cheese… Can you think of any other words that go better together? 

This symbiotic coexistence does not go one without another, and with that, they are naturally each other’s biggest promoters.

In essence, if you want to increase sales fast – cobrand!

Co-Branding has become a major hit since Spotify and Starbucks showed the world how it’s done. Bringing two brands together for a special offer or promotion can be an incredibly powerful way to harness the buying power of two audiences.

Among all ECommerce strategies, co-branding has proved itself to be the most lucrative one. All you need is to choose your partner wisely, based on the target audience, values they represent, and the message you want to send out, and create a creative innovative campaign. 

Women in a green long sleeve dress holding a VR

Many brands shy out from this strategy, especially smaller ones, thinking the hassle is not worth it. If Paris and cheese did it, we are sure you can do it too!

For a co-branding campaign to work, the partnership needs to create an added value that cannot be found anywhere else in the market. For example, public health departments and travel agencies offer a virtual reality Valentine’s day night out.

If the pandemic is still preventing you from maxing out your business potential, get creative with it, and call a partner for help. These 3D experiences sound pretty cool after the lockdown era, don’t they?

“Smudge-proof. Even when you’re berry hungry.” – Emily

Put your influencers in real-time situations that happen during Valentine’s day, and showcase how your product will make them feel after or during usage.

Using influencers in ECommerce marketing is nothing new, but how you use them is a different thing. Valentine’s day is real, and people who buy your product expect something real from it.

So show them from the massive following of your influencers list. And answer, what is it that makes you unique?

Dig deep down in the core of your product and find something that caters to their unconscious needs. This is more catered towards the psychology of marketing, posting plain everyday perfect posts isn’t cutting it anymore.

People crave real, so give them the real you.

“Beyoncé is worth far more than the Mona Lisa.” – Mindy

Makes us wonder why? Maybe because we can relate

Every strategy is based on the emotions you want to evoke in your potential customers. This will convert them into paying loyal brand ambassadors. Relatability is one of them.

Marketing tip number 3: While creating Valentine’s day campaigns, make sure to keep them relatable. 

Discover what kind of memories couples like to relive during this day. What bothers them, scares them, and what makes them happy. Then use it in the content creation from the beginning of the campaign until the very end.


Combine big data with AI predicaments and a bit of psychology and you will get yourself a winner. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a big thing, maybe just playing some Marvin Gaye on your store’s website can do the trick.

“Like wearing poetry.”- Emily

In other words – leverage the social proof

ECommerce marketing was founded and is still standing on rock-solid, old-school reviews. The bottom line is people need approval from other people that something is good. Whether it is effectiveness, usage, looks, or even price, good reviews are your best marketing strategy.

It is a bit tricky on how to get them though, so here are a couple of tricks on how you can increase your number of reviews:

  • Offer incentives
  • Offer Discounts per review
  • Promote reviews on physical events
  • Create a story around it
  • Make them a hero

The main emotion we are aiming to get from visitors, through reviews, is trust. If a customer trusts you, the percentage of them buying from you again and again, even for the first time, is climbing drastically up the ladder.

It’s a nod of approval from people who interacted with your brand, and it tells other shoppers about the reliability and quality of your products and services, which compels them to buy.

“I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up.” – Emily

Don’t let them wake up! 

Retargeting, especially with Facebook Pixels, is the tactic with the largest ROI in ECommerce marketing.

Leveraging messaging apps for that can be the best tip yet in this article.

People have second thoughts, while physically in the store you can maybe even influence their decision, but how do you do that online?

Pop up at the right moment.

It is important in retargeting, as well as in messaging marketing to know the limit. Both of these channels are usually spam-free, and your customers have the feeling they are craving the information you are giving them. 

Guide them gently through the funnel, and introduce the urgency moment.

Messaging marketing comes in great for the urgency momentums. People respond affirmatively to this type of promotion. You can also play with chatbots as well as with sticker notes and communities, and maybe even gamify the campaign at some point to attract a bigger audience.

ECommerce marketing is getting more and more saturated by the minute. It is important, especially during Valentine’s day, for brands to be themselves. If a brand is authentic, people naturally follow it. They see themselves in the brand face and that gives them the strength to go on.

Good luck with the strategy implementation and happy celebration day.

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