How to Perfect Your Marketing Agency with SMS Marketing

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Texting services have become one of the most searched for services in the marketing industry today. As one of the hottest trends out there, SMS marketing has allowed Marketing agencies to differentiate themselves from the competitors and level up offers and results presented to their clients.

SMS marketing statistics, that tend to surprise many, can speak for themselves:

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate.
  • Marketers see 6 to 8 times the engagement when comparing SMS vs email. 
  • Response rates of 45% and an average response time of 90 seconds.

Moreover, SMS marketing is the most preferred channel of communication by consumers when compared to email, app notifications, and direct mail.

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As a marketing agency with a lot of clients juggling around, optimization and focus on the processes that bring ROI for the clients the fastest, is one of the core pillars of sustainability.

This is exactly where texting service steps up, and with previously shown statistics, enables an agency to double up their ROI with the same amount of effort and work put in.

So how exactly can you use texting services in your marketing strategy?

  1. Send exclusive deals and offers
  2. Mass text messaging
  3. Send clients and their customers status updates
  4. Build contact lists with SMS lead generation
  5. SMS keyword campaign

Be exclusive

Even the word itself has a special ring to it. Marketing agencies use texts to communicate any kind of special offers, promotions, and discounts directly to prospects or returning customers.

As the most engaging and cost-effective channel, SMS’s they send out always get the biggest answer and open rate, compared to other channels like emails and social media.

One of the biggest perks for agencies here is that they have permission to promote to their customers. They are almost even asked to do so.

This gives an agency a lot of creative space to put out campaigns, and different kinds of content out there regularly. 

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With possibilities to personalize messages, even more, community building comes in handy as an added perk for brands, as they get loyal customers with an intent to buy more. 

The more personalized SMS you send out, the bigger are the chances it will convert to a closed deal.

Mass text messaging

Marketing agencies are now equipped to send out mass SMS blasts to their clients’ contact lists. Blasts can be done even via Messenger, Viber, and other messaging apps.

This is a real-time saver when a piece of certain information needs to get to the other side fast. Most eCommerce brands find this feature to be the most useful one in the SMS marketing sphere.

To explain more closely how it works: when you click on a save or watch button for a certain item, eCommerce software automatically connects that with a phone number you put in while you were logging in to a specific store.

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,Email Marketing,Increase Engagement,Marketing Channels,Text Messaging,Mailchimp

As soon as that item goes to a discount or a big sale all of the watchers are notified automatically. This kind of automation saves up a lot of time and effort on the marketing side with a far greater ROI.

Send clients and their customers status updates

SMS messages are read instantly and are the most effective way of sending time-sensitive messages.

Policy changes, order tracking, or even shipment info can come directly to your customer’s cell. If you put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, this requires far less of a hassle and bureaucracy from you. All that is needed is for you to be ready when the shipment arrives.

From the agency side, this enables perfect customer service for all of their client’s clients. A lot of testimonials and positive reviews will certainly be used in further promotions.

Automation here really does the trick again, since it is not needed to add countless names, numbers, columns, and send emails over and over again.

Build contact lists with SMS lead generation

The average response time to business text messages is just 90 seconds. If you compare that to an average of 90 minutes for a business email, you can hence where we are going with this by yourself.

Having SMS tools in your marketing toolbox can propel your agency to new heights.

Most of the agencies are nowadays joining forces with strong SMS marketing specialists, such as Emitto, to create an unbeatable marketing funnel with strong conversion rates.

Experts like Emitto have already set up tools in place to get the most out of each SMS campaign.

Lead generation done by two bodies here is keen to succeed, with the agency giving out the relevant data and timeframes and Emitto doing all the leg work.

Lead generation here gives almost instant results and sends useful signals on what to do next with your leads. This makes it even more successful than any email campaign you may run.

SMS Keyword Campaign

Last but not least, we have a perfect way to get more subscribers.

Keyword campaigns, in the text sense, are built-in opt-ins, which give anyone who visits your client’s website to quickly subscribe to their SMS updates.

It’s far easier, and let’s face it, more fun.

If you type in ready to play and send it to a number from a hit Korean TV show: Squid Game, you may even be invited to play!

To sum it all up, SMS marketing is the future for Marketing agencies, and it’s a perfect time for you to start building on it today. As ever, the players who join in the game earlier, get the biggest perks later on.

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