How to Boost Your Halloween Customer Experience With SMS Marketing Tricks?

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Halloween is coming and with that, we dare to say, the whole holiday season madness! While the madness can be overwhelming for some, great Halloween SMS experts will tell you that this is THE BEST time of the year!

Here is why!

girl cutting the pumpkin

You Have the Costume the Whole Town’s Talking About!

We believe that your store/brand has been crafting the products for this special night since the beginning of the year. With the product this awesome in your hands, there is only one question left – how to get it above the holiday noise.

SMS marketing to the rescue!

Digital channels have been saturated for quite some time now. From emails to social media, people tend to shut down their notifications on most of these channels and choose one or two to focus on. This means you will end up with a big percentage drop in your reach tactics if you decide to go with the other channels.

Naturally, you would be looking for the channel above all of this right?


Here is the first trick we will teach you today.

The channel you should be using is the one that is not above, but away from the noise. Welcome the new customer experience jack – SMS marketing.

SMS’s give you the chance to reach out to your potential customers wherever they are, and at the right time for them to convert. Customer acquisition, as well as retention, is the biggest in SMS marketing than in any other marketing channel.

The ROI of using SMS for your holiday campaign will be 45% bigger than the ROI of email or Instagram/TikTok. It is important here to mention that the main part of this trick is not only to use SMS marketing but specifically craft campaigns for this channel.

We often run into campaigns that target different channels with similar content. SMS, as a channel, requires special attention, and, as aforementioned, a unique campaign is set to be released only through those SMS.

This creates a feeling of urgency as well as closeness from the receiver’s side, which in turn leads to a higher customer acquisition percentage.

Furthermore, the crucial thing that can lead your campaign to success comes down to crafting the best content for your target persona.

The second trick is coming up…

It’s the Best Time to Play Games

Squid Game – a popular Korean TV series, rose to become the number one hit with a little less than two weeks since its release. Also, it is the series that brought Netflix the biggest income in the last couple of years.

According to Business Insider, Squid Game rose to global success by incorporating storytelling, nostalgia, and relatability in its script.

Free Squid game Image on Unsplash

So how can this help you in your SMS strategy?

Adjust the content!

Let’s pause here for a moment. If we were to define customer experience, we would say it’s a feeling a person gets when interacting with a certain brand/product, when, if it is positive, creates a desire of that person to relive that experience and come back for more.

Trick number 2: Create a relatable, nostalgic experience and wrap it in a nicely packaged story.

Games are always interesting and always invite interaction. Simply invite your potential customers to play a trick or treat game via SMS. This will make you a fun, youthful, and caring brand, and more importantly help you increase interaction and conversions of your Halloween campaign.

You can test out the game type of content during the entire year and see how much interaction you can expect and how well it works for your brand.

Just don’t forget that people love a good drama, so make it, well… a bit dramatic.

Let’s Go For a Treat!

Trick No. 3: Make it personal!

Personalization is the key to delivering optimal customer satisfaction; you can, therefore, use a person’s location, preferences, previous purchases, and browsing data to send customized marketing SMS. This kind of personalization allows you to create a 1 on 1 approach for each potential customer.

SMS Marketing,SMS Campaigns,Email Marketing,Increase Engagement,Marketing Channels,Text Messaging,Mailchimp

You can post a reminder to your clients, reminding them that the product they have been searching for is available, notify them of available offers on the items, and include their names if applicable. 

Get creative with it. Try sending out customized birthday or anniversary wishes with a unique proposition to go along. This will make your client feel special.

Moreover, this approach can help you increase your conversions and give your brand a very caring image.

Enjoy the Pumpkin

With all of the magic moments around holidays, did you ever wonder how to make things like delivery reminders, order confirmation, and simple reminders more interesting and connected to your brand image?

Well, here comes the trick no. 4: 

Integrate an SMS service into the order system.

By integrating SMS services in your business, you can place automatic messages that are sent to confirm orders and to notify a buyer when their product leaves the warehouse. Another SMS lets them know when it is ready for delivery or pickup. All of that is wrapped up in the unique tone of your brand style.

Nowadays, it’s all about that story. Customers want to feel like they are a part of something bigger. Part of a community and, as always, that they matter.

SMS marketing is a great, yet still, unexploited channel meant to provide that exact feeling to our customers. Use it carefully and with care, and your business should see a drastic incline in no time.

We wish you a fruitful Halloween and a lot of messages sent.

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