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Set up in 5 mins

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Channels that Work For You.

Send real-time notifications

Your audience is instantly notified as soon as you click send. They receive a message directly in their inbox or browser from the channel of your choice. Doubled in audience management

Unified Interface for All Channels.

The same unified interface for multiple different channels. Save your time and effort.

Overcome Organic Reach

1-on-1 direct communication makes organic reach limits a thing of a past.

Audience Management.

Segment Your Audience

Segment your audience using specific factors such as country, demographics, or consumer behavior. Deliver relevant content to a highly specific and targeted audience.

All Conversations In One Place

Stay on top of every conversation and interaction you have with your customers across multiple channels with Unified Inbox.


Personalize Your Campaigns

Make your messages personal by using personalization tags such are 'First Name', 'Last Name' or 'Company'.

Import Contacts.

Import your existing audience list quick and easy with Emitto Importing Wizard.

Game-changing Campaings.

Send SMS Globally

Reach every corner of the world with Emitto SMS campaigns.

Branded Sender ID

Get your customers to connect with your brand name. Use your custom Sender ID to deliver SMS & Viber worldwide.

Estimate Your Campaign Cost

Estimate your campaign cost before running it with 99% accuracy. Don't worry about spending more than you intended.

Send more - Pay less

Enjoy the benefit of special volume discounts. The more messages you send, and the longer commitments you make, the less you pay!

Manage With Ease.

Manage Your Teams

Manage multiple teams with the possibility to have an unlimited number of team members within your company.

Unlimited Contacts & Subscribers

Manage and grow your subscriber list up to infinity.

WordPress Plugin

Install Emitto Plugin on your WordPress website and start getting Web Push Subscribers right away.

Next-level Automation.

Automate RSS to Message

Zero-click Automation - Send newly published posts from RSS directly to your audience while it's still relevant!

Schedule Your Messages

Choose the time you want messages to be sent - no matter which channel you're sending them from.


Automate Subscriber Acquisition

Setup your Facebook Messenger Subscribers Acquisition Campaign in three simple steps and run it directly through Emitto.

Build & Automate Your Conversations

Create a custom chatbot and use it to automate and personalize communication with your customers.


Curate & Send Content Automatically

Accumulate newly published content from multiple sources and send them to your audience with one click.

Shorten, Share & Track.

Shorten Your Links

No need for any other external URL Shortener. Shorten links within Emitto to track individual link analytics and performance across channels in real-time.

Track Your Links with UTM Tags

Analyze link performances, measure conversions and optimize your social advertising efforts with UTM tags in Emitto URL Shortener.

Use Your Custom Domain

Set up your custom domain when shortening links in two steps and you're ready to go!

Analytics You'll Love.

Analytics Dashboard

See how your campaigns are performing in one place. Easily compare and identify the best performing campaigns and channels to drive new marketing goals.

Access Your Campaign History

Get analytics of all your campaigns from previous months.

Export Your Reports

Easily export your campaign analytics into PDFs.


Check Individual Campaign Performance

Track all important campaign metrics and identify which messages and channels work best for you.

Extra Benefits

Customer Support

We'll be here for you every step of your Emitto journey.

Dedicated Onboarding

Learn how to get the best out of Emitto with the guidance of professionals during an onboarding session.

Become an Emitto Expert

Get the best out of Emitto with a simple and complete comprehensive guide and how-to’s.

Mobile Friendly

Set up and manage all your campaigns and channels from any device.

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