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Broadcast News in real-time to an audience
of over 1.3 billion people

Facebook Messenger:
What you should know

1.3 billion

active users

20 billion messages

are sent through Messenger each month

11% of the World Population

Use Facebook Messenger Every Month.

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Powerful Features

Ready-made for Publishers

We’ve pre-set and automated the subscription process out of the box so that your audience can signup with a single click.

Rich Media Content

Send text, images, carousels, links images, GIFs, and emojis within one message.

Messenger Personalization

Use custom tags such are 'First Name' or 'Last Name' to make your messages personal.

  • Carousel Messages

Ideal for daily/weekly news digest.
Send multiple links in the form of a carousel, all within a single message.

  • Unlimited Subscribers

Turn every visitor into your subscriber with no limitations to the number of your subscribers.

  • RSS to Messenger

Emitto can send your newly published posts directly to your audience’s inbox. Automatically, seconds after publishing.

  • Unlimited Pages

Connect unlimited pages per project, with the ability to have a clear overview of the subscribers per page.

  • Detailed Targeting

Choose who do you want to send a campaign to depending on the country, gender, time zones, page, and much more.

  • Analytics

Track all important campaign metrics and identify which ones work best. 

Zero-click Automation

RSS Feed Automation with Messenger

Serve breaking news & newest articles to your audience while they’re still hot!

Time is everything in the media world. Keep your audience up to date on your latest news & updates by sending the newly published articles automatically with Emitto Messenger Automation feature.

Here’s how it works:
The moment you publish a new article on your website, a message will be sent to all of your Messenger subscribers.
It’s that easy!

Emitto is NOTa Messenger chatbot builder.

We specialize in turning Facebook Messenger into an automated news machine.
Simple, easy, and efficient for both publishers and subscribers.


Subscribers opt-in by choosing to subscribe for an instant, daily or weekly notifications.


Admins manage and automate the whole process from customer acquisition to automated post sending.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications are delivered to those subscribers that have opted-in to receive the messages as soon as published. News are good only if they are hot and fresh! 

News Digest

When sending daily or weekly digests, Emitto automatically takes Instant notifications that had the best CTR and creates the Daily and Weekly digest collections that perform best.

How it Works


Connect Your Pages

Emitto allows you to connect any Facebook page you manage, within 3 clicks.
You can enable as many pages as you need!
Once connected your Page will enable your followers to subscribe.

Want a personalized Facebook Messenger Flow?


Grow your Subscriber Base

The great thing about Messenger is that you have so many ways
to get subscribers.
Free Acquisition

You already have the audience on Facebook, other social media channels, and newsletter subscribers. Use a signup link or a generated QR code to invite them to subscribe – it’s the easiest and cheapest way to get your first followers!

Paid Acquisition

If you already have a significant base of followers of your page on Facebook, you’ve got a headstart!

We have created Facebook Ads Campaigns that help you turn your page followers into Messenger subscribers. Just set the ad budget and Emitto will do all the complex ad setup in the background and enables you to run a fully optimized Ad Campaign, that acquires new subscribers for you.

The whole ad budget goes to Facebook. Emitto is here is to help you grow your customer base.

Subscriber Acquisition campaigns are highly optimized ad campaigns
With a goal to get you the largest number of subscribers, you can as quickly
as possible. You can create it, manage it and follow the results directly from Emitto


Campaign Creation

You can send single or carousel messages with Emitto Messenger for Publishers.

Emitto will automatically fetch featured images and titles of the links you want to send.

You can also add a text message enriched with emojis.

It’s very important to get the feel and look of your messages, so check out a clear preview of the campaign before sending it.0


Personalize & Target

Emitto gives you tools to personalize your campaigns and make them sound tailored specifically for the person you’re reaching out to.

Emitto includes many default personalization fields like ‘Name’ or ‘Last Name’, but you can create as many as you want. Emitto segmentation feature makes sure your campaign gets to the right people.

Simply select the segments you want to send the campaign to (specific countries, time zones, gender), and your message will be delivered in seconds.

Messenger Use Cases

Breaking News | Daily/Weekly Digest | New Blog/Article

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