Know Your Customer Policy

Emitto’s new KYC Policy is meant to upgrade the trust level for all Emitto customers & clients ensuring better campaign deliverability and protecting end customers from SPAM. All Emitto accounts need to go through a vetting process that will allow the customer to use Emitto’s advanced messaging features and services.

Emitto needs to be familiar with each business or individual that wants to send A2P SMS to their end customers. Also, Emitto needs to be able to verify each person who has the authority to act on behalf of the business/client business.

The customer vouches for the regularity and validity of the data provided for Emitto KYC Policy account validation needs. The customer needs to comply with all the laws, rules of the local regulatory bodies and A2P communication services requirements, as well as Emitto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy official documents.


People who want to use Emitto,
but don't have a registered business entity.


Registered entities that want to send campaigns on behalf of themselves.

Business for Business

Registered businesses that want to send campaigns on behalf of other businesses, such as Marketing agencies.

There are 3 types of accounts: Business, Individual, and Business for Business. Note: Marketing agencies that operate on behalf of their clients need to register as a business for business by providing additional data about their client business.

Registrations are workspace-based as each workspace represents a different client/brand and has separate billing and data.

There are different types of workspace-business statuses: in review, rejected, and verified.

Once you submit the form the status is automatically updated and we get notified of your data upload. Once all the data you’ve provided gets verified you’re able to use Emitto with full capabilities. If your status is rejected you should see a notification when you log in and proceed to re-upload the section that wasn’t verified. If you have problems or additional questions feel free to reach out to our team via this email address

The vetting process can take up to 72 business hours upon request submitted through the Emitto platform.

In this period of time, Emitto can reach out to the customer and ask for additional information, documentation, or clarification which can prolong the entire process.

Note for Marketing Agencies or anyone with a need to manage multiple brands under one account:

  • Your agency/business data should be the main thing we verify as a legitimate user.

  • You are responsible for providing accurate data about your client(s).

  • The client data is necessary for additional registrations related to their brand name, such as Sender ID, the countries they want to send SMS to, their Viber brand name, etc.

If you need help setting up more than 2 workspaces at the moment, contact for help.

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