Step-by-step to Growing Your Audience with Viber Messaging Marketing

5 steps on how to fastly grow your target audience and expand your reach via Viber messaging platform. This step-by-step guide will let you in on all of the secrets of fastly evolving Viber marketing perspectives.
Step-by-step to Growing Your Audience with Viber Messaging Marketing

With two-thirds of the global population actively using smartphones today, messaging marketing has become a hot topic or better yet the main channel of promotion for numerous campaigns out there.

The position of being the main promotional channel for ultimate global brands is not easy to get, but with 1.1 billion active users, first-hand data, antispam framework, and advertising available, we would say that messaging marketing got on top with a very good reason.

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Growing an audience doesn’t mean just having a list of potential leads/customers you can send out your promotional campaigns to.

It means having a database of people who are interested in what you have to offer them. This is where Viber comes into play!

With over a billion users database, Viber is a real gold mine for expanding your audience reach and overachieving your marketing campaign ROI.

Next to the enormous user base, Viber is also a number one marketeer choice because of:

  • 7M daily interactions
  • Viber is the #1 messaging app for travelers
  • Viber’s audience base is mainly urban families and professionals who love traveling, shopping and are always connected
  • 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • 100% mobile and in-app formats for higher brand safety
  • 65% viewability globally

Knowing how to utilize Viber’s potential can be a little tricky though, especially when looking to grow your audience. Which is why we prepared for you 5 steps on how to quickly grow your audience by using solely Rakuten’s Viber.

Step1: Go for the reach!

Growing the audience on most of the marketing channels comes down to one main thing: getting as many people out there to see your content. The more people see your content and interact with it, the faster your brand will start getting recognized.

This leads to better brand positioning, more conversions, and what we are all here for – bigger sales.

With newly introduced Viber advertising, it is now super easy to place ads with reach as the main goal and put your brand out there to be seen.

If you want to grow your audience, don’t focus on only one customer segment, brainstorm as many as you can, and place campaigns out to reach all or most of them, depending on your budget.

The great thing about using Viber marketing is that it is almost impossible for your campaigns to be labeled as spam. They come directly via the app, and the algorithm always has enough data to match you with the content you would like.

So first-hand data and setting reach as the goal of the ads will set you up well for the next step.

Step 2: Adjust your branding

Viber users are used to fun aesthetics. From emojis, over gifs, to holiday-themed apps, if you are going to use Viber for marketing purposes make sure to go with the style the app is trying to show off.

So before you go into content creation, adjust your branding. Maybe update your tone of voice to not be that official, or brighten up some colors to look inspiring and playful.

Viber users will notice something is off if your brand image is going in the opposite direction than the one app is showcasing. Moreover, do your research well and see what kind of options Viber is giving to you. Creating a campaign-related sticker pack or a themed chat group can give you leverage over other campaigns that are running via the same app.

Step 3: Create engaging content

Maybe the most important step of them all. The content you send out to Viber users needs to be eye-catching.

Fun emoji balloons photo

This doesn’t just mean creating a vibrant, nice-looking design. The content you send out needs to call on the action from its recipients. 

Viral content works the best when wanting to grow your audience, and to be viral a piece of content needs to be:

  • relatable
  • emotional
  • thought-provoking.

Create a study group, and test out your content before you go full out with your campaign. Look at the news that is trending and see how you can leverage it, or with a bit of bravery, create your own trending story.

When content is engaging, people tend to want to share it. This word-of-mouth marketing is what creates an outstanding reach and makes brands go viral.

As Viber is still not utilized yet by a lot of marketers, do consider leveraging it promptly.

Step 4: Set KPIs

It is important to track at which speed and with which tactics your audience is growing. A/B testing is a great way to see what kind of content draws in more engagement, and where you should put your focus to.

Typewriter goals

Setting separate KPIs for each of your Viber campaigns can help you plan every next one better and see what should be emphasized more and what needs fixing.

One of the main KPIs you should keep an eye on are achieved reach, engagement rate, audience acquired, group chat members, etc.

Step 5: Be consistent

Not everything is going to work right away. Building a proper audience takes time, so as the last step we are presenting consistency.

Be consistent with your efforts. This doesn’t mean being spammy, but learning from the previous campaigns and making better new ones.

If you plan on utilizing public chats, do post regularly. Be up to date with news your audience is interested in and try to be the reason people come back to the app.

The boost from Viber will inevitably come.

With these 5 steps, you are ready to start growing your audience like never before.

Viber marketing is a great way to differentiate your brand from others and get access to the global audience with minimum effort. Go for it and don’t be afraid to try something daring.

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